Happy Mothers Day!

Hope everyone is enjoying Mother’s Day!  Like any other holiday I know there’s people who love it, people who hate it, and people who simply ignore it.  I love it.  My mom is amazing and I like to recognize her.  I also like to recognize all the other moms out there who manage the day to day hassles of life plus taking care of and raising another human or multiple humans.

It’s impressive.  I give kudos to the moms in To all the Moms, From Crazy Cat Lady.

I am unfortunately a chronic late present sender so my mom will be enjoying her gifts from me tomorrow, although in my defense it did technically arrive on Friday but their post office has weird hours so she couldn’t pick up the package 😦  Someday I will be the type of person who puts packages in the mail early so they arrive at the intended destination more than one day before the holiday…..or maybe not.

This way everyone gets to stretch out their holidays.  My brother and his wife would not have second Christmas if I sent my presents out on time.  Family members and friends wouldn’t get to re-celebrate their birthdays a week later when their gifts finally arrived.  Plus at this point if I started sending out my gifts on time people would probably think something was wrong 😉


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