Avoiding a Sugary Trap

My other motivation for shaking off my dark mood was I really did need to pick up some fruits and veggies.  I was out of spinach, salad, and most of my fruit.  I’ve never bought peaches much in the past but they are currently my favorite fruit so I had to stock up on those plus blueberries, broccoli, and avocados. I read a post last week on Sassy Fit Chick about fueling your body with the right food and one of her tips was tuna with avocado (2 of my favorite foods combined), which is now one of my go-to snacks.  It’s great with a few crackers or even just on its own.

The grocery store is close to Starbucks and I had a free Starbucks coffee to use by tomorrow otherwise it would just go away, like the last one did.  That’s like throwing $5 away so I figured I would treat myself to a coffee today, another incentive to get out of the house.

When I pulled up I saw a pictures of the S’mores Frappuccino in all it’s chocolaty, whipped cream goodness and my brain went into child mode “I want that!  Please, please, please, can I have that?  I won’t ask for anything else all week.” Thankfully on the menu board right next to that tasty treat was the calorie count, 500, which made me hesitate because that was a whole meal or 2 snacks plus no information on the sugar content.

I ignored the child within and found myself saying out loud “Grande triple nonfat sugar free caramel latte” (it’s a mouthful to say but it’s my go-to) since I knew both the calorie and sugar count, although still not good, was significantly lower.  I arrived home curious about the sugar content on the frappuccino I almost ordered so I jumped online to check it out.  I was shocked to see the number and might have let out a few curse words, 68g of sugar!!!!  Daily intake for women is recommended around 25g per day, so that’s almost 3 days worth of sugar!!!

The craziest part is knowing in the past I wouldn’t have even given it a second thought but that’s how I got myself to the state I was in a few months ago…simply not paying attention or thinking about what was going into my body.  I couldn’t help but think that sugar content was for the grande and how many times had I ordered the next size up?!?

Also, on the way home I began to think about how I might not even like frappuccinos as much because I don’t eat as much sugar so I realized that treat might be a bit too sweet for my current taste buds.  I still like to indulge but I find I prefer the little indulgences like whipped cream on fruit or a small bowl of ice cream rather than a giant cup of sugar.

I’m not stressing over every little thing I eat but I am aware of and questioning what I’m eating and why I’m eating.  Am I really hungry?  Am I tired?  Am I thirsty?  Is there a healthier option?  Do I need this much?  How can I add veggies to this meal?  Awareness and putting some thought into what you put into your body are key components to true lifestyle changes so I’m doing my best to be aware.

I’m still tempted by the S’mores frappuccino and when I look at the picture on the website the child within still wants it (Please, please, please) so I won’t say I won’t give in one day this summer but it might be a mini frappucino.  That’s a promotional size they’re offering right now and it looks perfect for a little indulgence.

Also, I won’t say I’ll never have a sugar overloaded treat but I’m definitely going to give it some serious thought before I do.



  1. Sassyfitnesschick · May 13, 2015

    Hey good for you! And I’m glad you tried the tuna and avocado… and liked it =) Asking questions and being aware of the “hows” and “whys” you are eating is a huge step towards good habits. And, if you really keep thinking about that drink, get a small one and get it out of your system. I had thought a lot about the chocolate croissant that Starbucks carries. I’m a black coffee only girl when I’m in there and the only food I typically get is oatmeal for breakfast. Anyway, it had been on my mind for awhile and I finally just got one. I decided it wasn’t such a big deal. Haven’t thought of it since =)

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    • Daisy9979 · May 14, 2015

      It’s become my go-to favorite lunch or even for just a snack, so filling.
      My Frappucino craving has passed for the moment but if it crosses my mind again I’ll just get one. Also, I love croissants!
      I definitely agree when you think about something too much it’s not the worst to give in and get it out of your system. I want to ask questions and be aware but also don’t want to make myself crazy 🙂

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