Meal Plan Monday-Back on Track

I’m blaming Mother Nature for my horribly inconsistent eating habits last week.  I might as well have crumpled up my meal plan and thrown it out the window because unfortunately hormones seemed to override any attempt at consistent, healthy eating.  I’ll get personal for a minute and explain my weird eating stage during that time of the month.

Stage one:  Eating everything I see especially if it’s fried, cheesy, covered in bacon, or preferably all 3 of those things at the same time…basically anything bad for me.
Stage two:  Eating nothing, so bloated the thought of food is appalling.  I spend at least two days only wanting to eat the bare minimum these are my toast and cracker days.
Stage three:  Back to eating everything I see but doesn’t have to be bad for me food, slowly transitioning back to normal eating

It’s terrible but it’s a new week so I’m putting the focus back onto my normal eating.

I mentioned planning to meet my mom halfway today but she volunteered to drive down here, which was nice.  Living in the middle of nowhere can limit your out of town guest visits so I’m always excited to have visitors plus it forces me to put my apartment back in order (I sometimes question how one person can make such a mess) or at least get it to a presentable state (throwing things into closets).  We had such a great day with a bit of shopping, a nice long walk, and a couple of meals out.

Eating out reminds me how huge portions can be at some restaurants.

We went to my favorite breakfast place where I enjoyed a delicious sandwich with eggs, avocado, onions, sprouts, and swiss cheese (I’ll be making this at home).  The problem was the sandwich came with about 3 portions of hashbrowns.  My mom’s omelet was huge and also came with about 3 portions of hashbrowns so we probably should have split something.  My sandwich was the perfect size and I probably could have had that on it’s own without the hashbrowns.

We then enjoyed a long walk at the botanical gardens then back downtown for a late lunch.

Lunch had more sensible portions but the food was perhaps a bit too fancy for our tastes.  We went to a pizza place I’d been to a couple of times for carry out and ordered the same thing both times so I was familiar with it but not super familiar.  They serve traditional Neapolitan style pizzas but we decided on the veggie sandwich which was good but not great.

I knew I was in trouble when my mom went to order a coke and the waiter said “We don’t have Coke.  I have a coke-like product”, I was thinking Pepsi but he began to describe an organic, sugar free concoction that had my mom shaking her head and saying “water is fine” while I tried to stifle my laughter.  I don’t necessarily approve of her soda drinking but I’m not at the place of accepting whatever he was describing, might be a bit too fancy for me at this point.

I think the bagel shop might have been a better option but you live and you learn.  It was an experience and the “coke-like product” story will be definitely be told in my family circle for a long time.

Since I crumpled up my meal plan and threw it out the window last week this week was going to be a repeat of some dishes but I really want to try some new recipes this week.  I need to get back into that place of trying new things so here goes…

M:  Leftovers from lunch
T:  Rice with sausage and broccoli
W:  Tofu Scramble-I’m a fan of breakfast for dinner and I love tofu when I began to type in my google search for tofu and the phrase “tofu scramble eggs” came up that sounded like a winner.  First link from the Minimalist Baker for Simple Tofu Scramble and I had dinner for Wednesday.
T:  Pasta with spinach and salad
F:  Tikka Masala Chicken-When my mom and I went out today we went to a new store called Ampersand, Oil & Vinegar tap house.  It’s my new favorite store.  They had $20 grab bags with assorted items so my mom bought us each one then we divided the stuff between ourselves picking and choosing what sounded good.  One of my grabs was Tikka Masala Sauce and my fingers are crossed that I like it.
S:  Pizza-I find I love grabbing a pre-made crust then throwing on whatever I have handy in the fridge.  Week before last it was bacon, bleu cheese, spinach, and mushrooms so who knows what I’ll come up with this week.
S:  Steak with sweet potatoes-I’m not much of a carnivore but every so often I crave a steak so I think I will indulge the craving and enjoy a small steak.

Despite feeling slightly exhausted the week is off to a great start!  Hope everyone is having or had a great Monday! 🙂



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  2. miusho · May 18, 2015

    Ah. The joys of only ordered water when you’re going out for dinner.. No need to think or decide or hear about homemade drinks. 😀


    • Daisy9979 · May 19, 2015

      The whole vibe was just a bit fancy for lunch that day. We did listen to him describe the organic soda and I asked my mom if she wanted to try it but she just wasn’t into it. When I got home I realized I should have checked out what they had for tea, an iced tea would have been a good alternative.

      Liked by 1 person

      • miusho · May 19, 2015

        Sometimes fancy can be fun. 😛 can’t make someone try something when they don’t want to. I’m actually intrigued by that drink. I would like to try it… I try to go for chamomile tea when I’m feeling for a hot drink. Not a fan of ice tea. 😦

        Liked by 1 person

      • Daisy9979 · May 19, 2015

        I thought about trying it but I pretty much stick to water, tea, or coffee, just never been much of a soda person. I love ice tea and hot tea, I’ve become a bit of a tea fanatic lately.

        Liked by 1 person

      • miusho · May 19, 2015

        I like to try different things lately, I guess I got bored of always the same stuff.. I’m so bored of the same routine all the time!

        Liked by 1 person

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