The Long, Long, Long, Long Walk

This morning I decided I would go pick up my photos then head out down a nearby trail for a 4 mile walk.   It’s not a loop so my plan was to use the Map My Run to track my miles, 2 down the trail, 2 back home.  I’m not always good with plans because I tend to become an explorer once I’m out on the trail and I like to push myself…sometimes I like to push myself a bit too much.

I was drawn into the trail when I drove past with my mom the other day and saw the poppies along the side of the road.  I photographed them a few years ago and for some reason hadn’t again, probably because I was working or sitting on the couch.

11063717_951364084903528_690990012047469923_nAt about the 3 mile mark I found a shaded bench to eat a snack before turning back then decided I really wanted to see what was around this corner.Latah Trail May 202

Turns out around this corner was another corner then a little giant hill that I knew once I walked down I would have to walk back up but despite knowing this I trudged forward.  At the bottom of the hill with the temperatures climbing into the 70’s the voice of reason finally kicked in reminding me I had to now walk back on the trail with no trees…or very few trees.  I think I counted 3 shady spots along the way so by the time I was headed back I was roasting.

I was briefly delayed on my travels back home when I came across this little bird singing his heart out.  It was such a pretty tune.  I decided to whistle the tune back at him and must have somehow channeled my inner Disney princess because he whistled back!  I love those moments on the trail.  2SingingBirdI think he’s a Western Meadowlark (If anyone knows different, let me know).  One of my new favorite things is trying to find out what type of bird or flower I’ve photographed during my adventures.  Knowledge is power and I’m a bit of a nerd who loves to research.

Essentially my planned 4 mile walk turned into an almost 8 mile walk!   😮    I was so hot and exhausted when I came home I just collapsed on my bed under the ceiling fan (so glad I turned that on before I left) but was finally able to drag myself up for a shower and a bite to eat.  I also made some afternoon coffee because I was so tired I didn’t think I could keep my eyes open long enough to write or sort through pictures or do anything.

I need to glue some more pictures to the fronts of greeting cards, finish making labels for the back, and try to get some business cards ordered (I had a serious fight with Staples website yesterday but I’m willing to give it another chance) so I can put them with the greeting cards.  I get the rest of my supplies tomorrow so I can package everything up then hopefully deliver to her on Friday.

This is one of those endeavors you take on because you see someone else doing it so you think “I can do that” but you fail to see all the background work that goes into it and it ends up more of a challenge than you imagined.  The good thing is I love a challenge.  Also from my experience in retail I know merchandising and also know how to create many of the things I need to get this going so now I just have to get it done!

Even though I feel like I have a ton of things I should’ve been doing and the fact that I completely wore myself out I’m glad I went on a long walk today.  I always feel physically exhausted but mentally reinvigorated after a good adventure.  I like to push myself to do more so I think my next goals are 10 miles on the trail I walked today (paved and straight) and 5 miles on a hiking trail (more climbing and not paved).

I’m starting to realize I might never be a jogger or runner but I think I just might be a long distance walker (Is that a thing?) and a hiker.  I’m not moving fast but I’m moving more than I’ve moved in the past and enjoying it.

Here are a few more pics from today’s walk and I’ll have more up on my photo blog either tonight or tomorrow.

2PurpleFlowersGreen 2LotsofPoppies 2FieldsandPoppies



  1. miusho · May 21, 2015

    So next time bring enough water, maybe a hat and a fan? 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    • Daisy9979 · May 21, 2015

      Brought plenty of water and a hat but a fan would have been useful or someone else suggested an umbrella. At least I remembered to slather on the sunscreen before I left otherwise I would look like a lobster today 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      • miusho · May 21, 2015

        You have small electrical fans.. Not sure if they’re any use with it saves you a sore wrist. 😮


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