My New (Potential) Business and a Delicious Dinner

This afternoon was spent printing labels, sticking labels to the backs of cards, and stuffing cards into little plastic sleeves.  Not the most exciting of afternoons but it did give me the chance to finish up season 2 of Orphan Black, which is good because my trial membership for Amazon Prime expires in less than a week and I really want to finish it.

IMG_7973 I’m excited to see how this batch of cards sell.  I did about 60 cards with assortedIMG_7974 photos just to see how they sell even that seems like quite a few but if they sell great, if not I might look into selling on Etsy or just keep them for my personal use.  I think they came out really nice so I’m just keeping my fingers crossed I’m confident that they will sell.

When I laid them all out I thought “These look legit” which is my way of saying I think I can really make this work.

I still need to make some business cards tonight and print more labels for the 8×10’s.  The challenging part for me is pricing.  They’re not crazy expensive to make but do require time.  It’s finding a balance between pricing them too high and not selling versus pricing them low and losing money.  I’m gonna do some research and see what I can find out.

I’m going to bring everything over to the shop in the morning and just see what happens.

IMG_7984 On a IMG_7985secondary note I mixed up my meal plan a bit and made the Tikka Masala chicken tonight instead of tomorrow.  It’s a sauce I never tried so I looked it up online.  I was a bit nervous because I’m not a huge fan of spicy and I’ve never had Indian food but it smelled good.  I took a chance this morning dumping it into the baggie with my chicken to marinade so I could bake it tonight.

It was so good!!!  I baked up a white sweet potato with it, halving both so I would have lunch for tomorrow even though I wanted to eat everything because it was so delicious.

This is one of the sauces that came in the grab bag from Monday and I’m so glad I decided to take this one even though I didn’t know what it was because it’s now going to be one of my go-to sauces.  The ingredients are all things I recognize and it has hardly any sugar.  I’m always excited when I find food I enjoy that is not bad for me.

I feel like I’m finally getting to a place where my food habits have changed to where I don’t have to concentrate as much on eating healthy because it’s just how I eat.  I still have some struggles but I feel like I’m much further down the path where healthy eating is a habit rather than a constant focus and it feels good.

I’m off to design some business cards and do some stretching to finish off my mostly lazy day.  Tomorrow morning it’s back to the gym then a full day of adventures including grocery shopping, laundry, and cleaning, should be an exciting day! 😀



  1. miusho · May 21, 2015

    Pretty cards! They look like the ones you can find in shops. 😮 (besides having different images that is)
    You could ask the gallery what they think of the pricing, they should do such things on a more daily base.

    And fast food gives me the crawls lately. Just thinking about eating all that processed sugar junk makes me want to hurl. 😦


  2. lovetotrav · May 21, 2015

    Best of luck with your new business.:) I hope it is successful. Cheryl


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