Pamper Yourself!

I started this post about a week ago but the topic sprang back to mind this morning when I woke up thinking “I should do some pampering today”

My mom sent me a text message the other day saying she used one of the bath products I sent her for Mother’s Day.  She mentioned she enjoyed it because she forgets how nice it is to pamper yourself.  I thought this was odd because I tend to pamper myself all the time but not in extraordinary ways.  I’m not heading to the spa or going out to have my nails done once a week.  I find inexpensive ways to pamper myself in the comfort of my own home.

I do my nails done once a week but I do them myself.
I do a pedicure every couple weeks.
This morning I gave myself a facial with some amazing scrub.
I’m planning a good scrub, soak, and lotion for my feet today.

IMG_7963I buy nail polish when it’s on sale or clearance.  I do buy the mid-range nail polish, not the 99 cent stuff but more in the $4-7 range because it lasts longer so it’s worth it to spend a bit more.  It defeats the purpose of doing my nails at home if they chip one day after painting.

I had all my nail polish in a basket but as my collection grew I wanted something different so I created this nail polish holder.  It was made during the time I was obsessed with duct tape (so many fun patterns and colors) so this is covered with Batman duct tape.

It’s not the greatest but it serves it’s purpose.  I continue to keep an eye out at thrift stores and yard sales for a cheap spice rack I can use instead.  I’ve seen a few but just waiting for the perfect one.

I bought scrub at the farmer’s market to try something new and the price was right but I also make my own scrubs.  I mostly use them as foot scrubs and my feet are in great shape for summer.  I was amazed how easy it is to make your own scrubs at home with only coconut oil and sugar.  Sometimes I use brown sugar or add honey or even coffee plus add in fragrances like cucumber or vanilla.  I even made labels to give them as gifts.

Next to try is homemade bath fizzies.  I bought some at the Renaissance Fair to give as gifts from Mountain Madness Soap Co. (Check them out on Etsy or if you’re in Northwestern Idaho)  I love their products (the yellow monkey ball up top is from them) and will definitely buy more but I recently found an easy inexpensive way to make my own and want to try it.  I also want to make some body lotions.  Thank you Pinterest for all these wonderful ideas!

I’m feeling kind of tired and poor James the cat was a bit sick this morning so I’m having a take it easy day today.  A day where I’ve made no real plans for the day other than finishing my photo stuff and enjoying a bit of pampering 😉  I’m off to scrub, soak, and lotion my feet then tuck them away for awhile in my favorite slippers while I paint my nails and wait for the UPS truck to show up with the supplies I need to finish packaging my greeting cards and photos.

Hope everyone is having an amazing Thursday!

Do you pamper yourself?  If so, what kind of things do you do?  Do you go out or do your pampering at home?

Just a quick note on the slippers.  I love leopard print and Michael Kors so when I saw the two together I had to make them mine.  I probably spent too much on them but I bought them almost a year ago (on clearance) and they’ve held up amazingly plus they’re super soft and fluffy so after a long day on the trail slipping my feet into them is the best! 😀




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  2. V · May 21, 2015

    The monkey is adorable

    Liked by 1 person

    • Daisy9979 · May 21, 2015

      It smells good too! I bought one that has a rose in it and when I checked out their Etsy shop they have one with a little garden gnome 🙂


  3. keen peach · May 21, 2015

    I love leopard print too! Good for you for pampering yourself! I should do my nails more often but I have the ugliest feet ever! What is that monkey item? It’s so cute! I “liked” your post before I even read it just because of the monkey thing. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Daisy9979 · May 21, 2015

      It’s a bath bomb I picked up from a vendor at the Renaissance Fair, Mountain Madness Soap Co. I bought soaps from them as well that are so nice. This bath bomb is called Funky Monkey 🙂 I’ve been saving it because it’s one of those things that’s almost too cute to use, lol


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