Meal Plan Monday-The Tuesday Edition

I missed posting this yesterday because of the holiday not because I completely forgot until I wrote a different post yesterday and began to think about what I needed to do this week and what I was going to eat this week.

Last week’s meal plan was well written but poorly executed partially because of my unplanned grocery shopping.  I did all the things you’re not supposed to do when you go grocery shopping.  I didn’t bring a list.  I was starving.  I was tired.  I grabbed whatever I thought I might want to eat rather than shopping for my meal plan.

I didn’t have pizza because I didn’t buy a pizza crust.  I didn’t have pasta because I didn’t realize I was completely out of any kind of pasta.  I was once again winging it but I did okay.  The weirdest meal was probably my baked potato, sausage, and broccoli meal, which doesn’t sound that weird when I write it out but at the time I was just randomly grabbing things from my fridge to eat.  I started with the baked potato then realized I needed more than that for a meal so I steamed some broccoli then decided I needed some protein so a chicken sausage.  Ta-Da!  Instantly random meal!

FullSizeRender (19)That wasn’t my only random meal.  I also made some ground tofu then realized I had no spaghetti or taco ingredients or really anything to go with it so I got creative.  I had some bagged coleslaw, the kind that comes without any dressing, and I mixed some of that with an avocado, which is now one of my new favorite things to eat.

I had some flour tortillas so I threw on the slaw mix with some of the ground tofu, wrapped it up and it was delicious!

I guess I didn’t do too terrible with my grocery shopping because I did have enough stuff to throw together meals even if they weren’t on the plan.  I love finding creatively healthy options to eat whereas in the past I would’ve been running to the store to grab something quick or eating out.

I was telling a friend the other day that I don’t eat fast food anymore and right after that I began craving fast food.  My cravings usually hit me on my way home from a long walk or a busy day running errands so I think it’s the convenience I crave not the actual food because when I think about the food there’s nothing specific I want to eat.  If I’m going to eat out I’m going to a restaurant not a fast food place.

I always like to follow up these statements with a disclaimer that I realize I might find myself eating fast food someday.  I might cave to peer pressure or find a craving I can’t resist because I’m human; however, at this point I don’t see myself eating fast food in the near future.

Breakfasts are still either non-existent or something light, like fruit, boiled egg, or a piece of toast. Lunches are the usual lunch fare, leftovers, wraps, salads, soup, etc.  I still have lots of food but I am going to take $20 cash and a list to the store to pick up a few things like pasta.  I really can’t believe I’m out of all pasta and rice.  I feel like these are staples in my cheap and easy meal plans so I need to restock.

T:  Pasta with sausage and broccoli
W:  Chicken Tikka Masala-I’m excited to make this again!
T:  Breakfast for dinner-Sweet Potato Scramble
F:  Pizza
S:  Salmon with rice and green beans
S:  Tofu Spaghetti

Those are my meals this week.  I’m not doing any new recipes although maybe I’ll look something up for the pizza.  I’m also excited to have salmon because I haven’t had it in forever.

I’ll have a separate post with some workout goals and some progress information I’m excited to share.

Hope everyone’s week is off to a great start! 😀


One comment

  1. miusho · May 26, 2015

    I mostly wing it.. I mostly make the end of the week. Unless my fiancé cooks, than I miss a lot of ingredients. 😦

    And salmon.. mmmmmmm, I love it ❤


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