Sugar intake dietary guidelines

This is interesting. I wonder how much it would affect people if they saw the dietary guidelines for sugar intake on a label. If people saw their bowl of breakfast cereal contained 50% of their daily sugar intake or cup of yogurt contained 105% (random examples) would that affect their eating habits in any way?



Admitting the detary guidelines of sugar intake has been silent but powerful battlefield for some time now (you can check Robert Lustig’s youtube lectures on this)

But i was bit curious, well ofcourse i never saw a label in the shop that:

  • had a dietary guideline in % of how sugar we had to consume
  • % of sugars in product that are added sugars

But then i had and idea-went checking for advice on the government’s website for such intake guidelines (im from Latvia by the way)

And you may take two guesses if i had found such guidelines on sugar intake there.

None, zero, nothing.

I actually wrote to the office with thouse specific burning questions, and if i may receive advice, i shall let you all know about that.

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