Elk Creek Falls

As promised, sore body, sore feet, and pictures of waterfalls.  This post is a little long but if you get bored at least scroll down and look at the pictures 😉

It might sound weird but I love the feeling of being completely exhausted after taking on a new challenge or accomplishing a goal.  I think it’s because you feel like you earned the exhaustion or maybe I’m just crazy  😛

I left a bit late this morning but was so excited to be out on the road heading toward a new adventure although I did not realize the road I would be heading down was tiny, windy, and primarily populated with log trucks that drive too fast.  As the one semi barreled down on my sensibly speeding car I began to pray for a pull off before he ran over the top of me, thankfully my prayers were answered I pulled off and allowed him to speed on (secretly hoping he was pulled over later).  As often happens on these adventures you leave one tiny paved road for a slightly smaller gravel road which grows smaller as you near your destination.

I don’t know if it was luck or good timing but I made it in and out without any incident.  Yay!  ElkCreekFalls 051

There’s 3 separate falls, lower, middle, and upper with a looping 3 mile trail that eventually takes you back to the parking area.

I started with the lower falls and worked my way up.  The hike wasn’t too bad, only a few places where I got winded but I’ve learned I’m not in a race so I stop, drink water, get calm then I’m back on my way.  I was worried I wasn’t going to make it home by the time I told my mom I would be back and she was going to have the state police out looking for me.

I had no cell service at all so I couldn’t just text and say I was going to be late so I picked up the pace a bit at the end.  I survived but was beyond grateful to see the parking area because my legs were about done at that point.  The no cell service had a positive side to it rendering it impossible for me to check in on Facebook or Instagram or check my email, I had to just enjoy my hike without telling everyone about it in real time.


For some reason that reminded me about my walking stick/weapon/wizard cane I found when I first arrived.  It was just leaning on the fence so I figured I would take it because I’ve been thinking about trying out a walking stick or hiking stick.  I actually liked using it and it did help in a few spots.  Part of me wanted to take it but I decided it would be nicer to leave it for the next hiker.

I find it easy to be social on the trail because most of the people you encounter are very nice.  I even took a picture for a group that arrived at the upper falls about the same time I did but I always wonder what people think of me hiking on my own.  I’m trying to get to that place where I don’t care but I’m not 100% there yet.

Do they think it’s weird?  Do they think I’m dangerous?  Do they think I’m a loner?  Do they think it’s sad?  Do they think I’m brave?  Do they not even give it a second thought because we’re all just out there to enjoy nature?

I’m hoping it’s the last one or the brave one.

I feel brave and confident when I’m there on my own so I guess that’s all that really matters.  I also feel happy and calm even when I’m hiking up a hill in the blazing sun thinking my legs are going to give out on me because I know I’m going to make it up that hill or around that next corner to see something amazing.

I snuck past a sign that said “Please stay on the trail” because there was a trail behind the sign so I decided the sign was more of a suggestion than a rule and I’m so glad I did because I ended up at the top of the middle falls.  It was a wide enough trail and I stayed away from the edge of the waterfall, even though there was one spot I really wanted to creep out I didn’t want to fall 90 feet down a waterfall….I’m not ready to go out that way.

IMG_8349I did take a selfie by the stream where I’m making a weird face because the sun was in my eyes but I’ll share it anyways.  It was so beautiful and peaceful up there.

I took 300+ pics today so I have a ton to sort through plus a friend wants to go hiking on Saturday.  It’s kind of nice to be busy but tomorrow will definitely be an errands/laundry/maybe even a sleeping in kind of day.

I heard about this event this morning and I’m definitely a supporter of exploring so if you’re looking for your own adventure this Saturday is National Trails Day so many state parks are fee free!  You can check out the website to find events in your area or just pick a favorite trail and explore! 🙂

If you like these I’ll have more pics up soon on Instagram, daisy9979, and Facebook, TKayPhotography!


Upper Elk Creek Falls-Nice spot to play in the water


Middle Creek Falls-Tallest waterfall in Idaho at 90ft, also the spot where I was almost ran out by bugs, first a bee, a spider, then some other flying thing I was almost done at that point


Lower Elk Creek Falls-First stop on my destination. It was beautiful. I love all the green!



  1. The Twentysomething Social Recluse · June 5, 2015

    Wow this place looks gorgeous! Really awesome photographs, I love the last one with the quote. Thank you as always for posting!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. lovetotrav · June 5, 2015

    Your pics are gorgeous. What a great hike! You are lucky to live by something so beautiful.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. keen peach · June 4, 2015

    These pictures are breathtaking!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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