A Mediocre, Random Friday Post

I thought I would have an amazing night’s sleep after yesterday’s adventure but sadly I couldn’t get to sleep right away then tossed and turned most of the night.  I woke up super early and believed I would go back to sleep but unfortunately I had a list of tasks I needed to get done today so my brain wasn’t letting me sleep in so I finally gave up and got myself out of bed.

It’s funny how I always feel so accomplished after completing the normal tasks people do everyday.  I find such enjoyment in crossing the simple tasks off my list and silently celebrate once they’re all complete.
Laundry!  Yay!
Dropping off the recycling!  Done!
Grocery shopping!  Complete!
Cleaned the Keurig!  Bam!
Look at all these grown up things I completed today.

Of course to balance out all the achievements of the morning I have spent the afternoon lounging on the couch and I’m not even going to lie about the fact that I have similar plans for the rest of the evening.

Planning another hike with a friend for tomorrow and I came up with a plan to go hiking then have lunch in the small town near the place we’re hiking so it should be a nice afternoon.  Unfortunately neither of us is very decisive so I’m playing the waiting game to see if she wants to drive or if I should drive…..I gave her a plan, a time, then told her we could either meet here if I’m driving or I would come there if she wants to drive, either way works for me.  Now I’m just waiting to finalize the plans and I hate waiting 🙄

I like hanging out with people but hate coordinating and making decisions, just tell me where to be, what time, and I’ll be there…about 5-10 minutes late, lol.

Changing the subject.  Grocery shopping was a bit of a challenge this morning.  For some reason I have been craving junk food and usually I would find a way to satisfy the craving but it’s not really anything in particular.  I’m kind of just craving some of the old foods I used to enjoy but I don’t know why although it could just be stress, perhaps I’m thinking there’s some kind of comfort in greasy, fatty foods even though logically I know there’s not so I’m staying on course.

I’m sticking to the foods I usually buy.  I stuck to my list except for my one impulse buy, shrimp.  It’s probably the only healthy craving I’ve had lately so I figured that was one I would indulge making a simple dish tonight of rice and shrimp, which I’m really looking forward to for dinner.

It’s time to go start that dinner then maybe enjoy a bit more lounging perhaps a short walk then an early bedtime and hopefully we’ll finalize our plans for tomorrow somewhere in there…since I want to get going early in the morning to avoid some of the crowds and some of the midday heat.

I’m not always a fan of crowds and usually hit the trails in the morning during the week to avoid crowds so I’ll be curious to see how it’ll be this weekend but I’m sure it’ll be fun 😀  Any exciting plans for the weekend?


One comment

  1. miusho · June 5, 2015

    BBQ! WHOO!
    I also don’t like having to wait for others when I already know what I want.. I also don’t like planning. And shrimp is delicious. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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