Kamiak Butte…Again

1TheBiewWhen a friend suggested a hike today I kind of already knew where I wanted to go because I’d been thinking about going back again this week to Kamiak Butte.  I haven’t been on tons of hikes but this is one of my favorites because it’s challenging but doable plus the scenery varies and is amazing.

You go from being in the forest to flat dry lands at the top then back into the forest.  We did take a new route down which was nice.  I’d been avoiding taking this route on my own because the sign says “Difficulty:  Challenging”, so I always chose to go the way I was more familiar with but not today!  Today I had a friend with me, a friend who was down to go the challenging route so down we went on the windy, rocky, definitely more challenging trail but it was so much fun.

I felt like I was less winded this time and pushed myself a bit because I was with someone but also stopped when I really needed to and drank some water.  My friend noticed I’d lost some weight and said my legs looked good!  Yay!  All the hikes, squats, and healthy eating are finally paying off 😀

Here are some of the things we saw along the way.

My friend was frightened by a frog (like the alliteration there?).  Sorry no frog pics.  He scared her then hopped away into the bushes, vicious little creature.

We saw a little bird who came so close I thought he was going to jump onto my friend’s shoulder.

1littlebirdofhappyWe saw quite a few of these yellow swallowtails and several other big butterflies but this was the only one I could capture in a photo, so beautiful.

We saw a hawk wing but no hawk (weird and morbidly fascinating)   1Hawkwing2We saw a caterpillar hanging out in the middle of the trail.  I love this shot because it’s weird, random, and kind of neat for a picture of a bug.


We stopped a small town nearby for lunch.  It’s a cute little town with lots of antique shops.  We even stopped by a newspaper and printing museum for a quick tour, which was actually interesting.

Trivia for the day:  The letters for the presses would sit in giant trays with different spots for each letter.  The bottom tray was the smaller letters and the capital letters were in the tray above or the upper tray, which is where the terms uppercase and lowercase letters comes from….I’m a nerd but maybe someday that fact will come in handy, perhaps when I’m on Jeopardy! or more likely playing some game of Trivial Pursuit 😉

For lunch I ate a juicy, delicious, rare burger and a handful of french fries.  Nothing like hiking 5 miles then enjoying a delicious not-so-good-for-you meal but that little indulgence may have helped me move past my weird junk food cravings.  Tonight I just can’t decide if I’m hungry or tired.  I bought fresh raspberries today at Farmers Market (because we were extra productive and stopped there before we left) so I might just mix up some fruit and yogurt for a dessert/dinner and call it a night.

Hope the weather is nice wherever you might be, we’re supposed to be in the 90’s tomorrow o_O

It’s not common here for this time of year so goal tomorrow is to stay cool 😎



  1. k.lee · June 7, 2015

    Beautiful pictures!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. keen peach · June 7, 2015

    What a beautiful trip and now I know something I didn’t!
    I think it is a must to have something like a burger after a long hike. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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