The Sound Challenge

Last week I was given the Sound challenge by Miusho.  I was going to wait until I was out exploring but laying in bed super early yesterday morning with the window I found so many sounds catching my ear and felt inspired to write.  I’m going to be super lazy and not challenge anyone specifically but if you feel inspired go with it! I think I would have done this one even if it wasn’t given to me.

I like to explore different forms of creative inspiration.  It’s fun 🙂

The “rules” are pretty simple.
Sit down. Focus on the sound around you. Write down the first sound you notice. Write down the next. And so on and so on. Don’t just write down what you hear but, try to put some feeling into it!
Just try to isolate the sounds one by one. Whichever catches your ear first (Har har lame joke)!

You can challenge as many people as you want who you want to challenge by linking them or post on their blog! Give a reason as to why you want to challenge them.
Use “sound challenge” as a tag.

A stomp on the ceiling like a giant trying to come through the floor
The soft whir of the ceiling fan keeping me cool
Cars driving by with productive people off to begin their day
A motorcycle with an engine like a windup toy
A clicking from another room for reasons unknown
The loud caw of a crow interjects the chorus of small birds creating an un-orchestrated early morning symphony
The purr of the cat beside me luring me back toward slumber


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