Tank Tops and Confidence

I have so many things to do today but little to no motivation, actually I do have some motivation just not enough motivation to step away from the computer, get dressed, and leave the apartment.  The problem is I have to leave the apartment to accomplish a few of the things on my list today.

I finished the greeting cards for my sister-in-law (finally!) so I need to mail them now.  I need more labels.  I need some groceries to get me through dinners this week.  That’s really it.  I need to go to 3 places, errands that would take maybe an hour but I would have to put on real clothes, sleeping shorts and a tank top just aren’t gonna cut it for going outside.

Speaking of tank tops….I mentioned I went shopping on Sunday with a friend even though I’m poor.  She was looking for a dress to wear for a wedding at the end of the month I decided if anything I would search for some tank tops because my summer work out wardrobe and regular wardrobe are lacking in cooler apparel.

I found a few that will work but was surprised to see nearly every single workout tank top was a racer back, which doesn’t completely work for me because I have to wear a regular bra.  I finally just had to accept that straps are gonna show but I wear a cami to hide the straps and also to prevent sideboob because the arm holes hang down so low.  Maybe this is just the style and I need to adjust  but I wanted what I envision in my mind as normal tank tops.

Part of it is just I haven’t really worn tank tops or sleeveless anything for awhile so I think it’s also learning to accept my bare arms, which sounds weird but when you’ve spent summer in t-shirts or trying to find little cover ups so you don’t have to show your whole arms the sleeveless thing feels a bit strange.  The other night it was still in the 80’s when I went out for a walk I was nervous about wearing a tank top just going around my neighborhood but it was so hot I couldn’t hide under a sweatshirt.

IMG_8421I started this as a rant about tank tops but I find the post leading in a more positive direction because I will say that once I  got dressed I realized it wasn’t that bad.  I was wearing clothes that fit, nothing hanging out, so I was fine.  I actually felt pretty good in what I was wearing and even took a pictures I don’t hate (ignore the mess).  Once I stepped out the door I realized I was fine I think partially because I was in my element, outside, walking, taking pictures, having fun.

The more things I do, the more fears I conquer , the more I find my confidence growing and the less I find myself caring what people might be thinking.  I’m certainly not completely cured because everyone has their self-conscious moments but I’m trying not to let that fear of judgement stop me from doing certain things or wearing certain things.

I think seeing the changes in my body and knowing I’m continuing to work on improving helps.

I’ll have one more quick post because I got some exciting news but I want it separate from this then I am getting myself out the door.  Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday! 🙂



  1. Jen · June 10, 2015

    I know how you feel! I have the same issue with shorts! As soon as its warm out, I get nervous to walk around in shorts. I have skinny legs (in my eyes) and i just feel uncomfortable exposing them. When it reached 9o degrees though, I figured, the hell with it! I dont want to suffocate in a pair of jeans! Let people see my skinny legs lol. Turns out, i was fine. Its mostly in our heads. Im sure no one looked or cared what I was wearing :). You look great in tank tops by the way :).

    Liked by 1 person

    • Daisy9979 · June 10, 2015

      It’s funny how we convince ourselves we can’t wear certain things but you’re right it is mostly in our heads. It’s definitely not worth suffering in the heat because we’re worried about how our arms or legs look.
      I’ve sweated it out in long sleeves for too many summers so it’s time to set my arms free! 🙂 And thank you! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Jen · June 10, 2015

        That’s right! Set them free! 😀


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