The 3 Day Quote Challenge-Self-Confidence

I’ve been nominated by Cheryl at four coffees and a camel to go to participate in the 3 Day Quote Challange.
I’ve agreed to partake in a challenge in which I post a quote – mine or someone else’s – for 3 consecutive days.
~ Thank the person who nominated you
~ Pass the “golden whisk” on to 3 people

I’ll nominate people tomorrow or later today but this was what was on my mind this morning and went with the challenge.

“Self-confidence is not taught or learned; it is earned by surpassing your own self-limitations” John Raynolds

A recurring trend in my life is doubting myself.  I doubt my abilities.  I doubt my strength.  I doubt my aptitude for change.  I doubt I can do all the things I want to do in my life; however during all these months of unemployment I’ve found ways to overcome most of the reasons I doubt myself and in the process picked up some confidence.

When I was coasting through my life I didn’t have much confidence in myself.  I had confidence in my ability to do my job but I didn’t have confidence to push myself toward any promotions.  I didn’t have the confidence to go out and do things I wanted to do, to go explore, to go out with friends.

I was comfortably uncomfortable.

I never had to push myself or put myself out there for others to see or judge.  If I found myself in those situations I would hide or simply try to avoid them at all costs.  I was coasting.

As an unemployed person I have to put myself out there for others to judge.  I have to constantly sell myself and if I don’t have faith in my abilities why should someone else?  I have had to showcase my abilities, my strengths, and my weaknesses.  As cliche as it may sound I really had to face myself, the good and the bad.  I found traits in myself I didn’t like so I work on changing some of those but I also found the good traits, the ones I thought I lost, the ones I resigned myself to living without or simply not displaying.

Creativity, passion, sense of adventure, curiosity, many of the traits that make living life great.  I set them to the side along with my emotions resigned to living a so-so kind of life but like Belle in Beauty & the Beast knowing I wanted adventure in the great wide somewhere (“Belle” is my all-time favorite Disney song.  *sidenote* Disney has some great motivational songs, “Almost There” from the Princess and the Frog is also up there on my list).  Unfortunately  or perhaps fortunately I didn’t end up in a castle with talking furniture and a prince in disguise so once the job was gone I had to start looking for my own adventure and in the process finding myself.

I know it’s always been there but each time I lost a bit of myself I lost bits of my confidence.  It’s an amazing yet almost alien feeling, the confidence.

Yesterday afternoon I was pouring over stats, philosophies, mission statements, watching videos on policies, and realized I not only understood but also aligned with the philosophies and mission statements of the department.  It helped remind me not only is this the job I want to do but this is the job I went to school to do, the job I’ve been really preparing myself for over the last 3-4 years so I had this moment of “I got this!” and it felt good.

It also helped melt away some of the stress and anxiety I’ve been feeling for the last few days (not that it’s completely gone and I can’t promise I won’t throw up before the interview but I definitely feel better).

The doubts are still there but the situations I’m facing in my life right now I have to overpower those doubts   I think sometimes people, myself included, worry about appearing too confident and crossing into arrogance so we have a tendency to diminish ourselves instead of standing proud.  I realized yesterday I’m competing against other people for this position so I have to believe I’m the best and if that means fully embracing my self-confidence and teetering on the edge of arrogance that’s what I’m going to do for now.

I hope everyone has the opportunity in their life to discover yourself, learn to trust in your own abilities, and find your self-confidence because it feels amazing! 😀


One comment

  1. lovetotrav · June 14, 2015

    It sounds to me like you have done a lot of growing during this time of unemployment and in doing so, you are beginning to find yourself and what makes you tick. I think that is excellent. I love this quote. Good for you for working on yourself and looking for ways to improve your life.


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