Random Rambling Monday

I’ve spent the last 2 hours talking to myself…about myself, interview prep is not very much fun but I know it’s necessary.  I wish all interviews came with a cheat sheet so I could at least have an idea of what questions might be asked instead of preparing for 60 questions, most of which will never be asked.

I feel mostly prepared but that doesn’t eliminate the knot in my stomach, of course that could also be from all the coffee I’ve been drinking to keep myself awake.  This morning I channeled some of my nervous energy into straightening up my living room and kitchen so it’s one less thing I’ll need to worry about this week.

Adding to the interview pressure is the fact that the interview is out of town so add the anxiety of an interview + the anxiety of planning a trip = Me completely frazzled and frantic.  I decided it was a good idea to stop talking to myself for a few minutes to work on something else especially when I find myself answering the question of “What skills do you have to offer in this position that your competitors cannot?” with “I can do this job.  I’m better than all these other people.  I’m cuter.  I’m nicer.  I have better handwriting.  I want this job.  Please just give me the job.  Tell all these other people to just go home.  The job is mine” *followed by hysterical evil laughter* only my out loud version involves more swearing.

A break is probably good so let’s write about something not interview related.

………..ummmmm….I’m sure there’s something else on my mind…….yes, food.

I’m skipping Meal Plan Monday this week because I’m going to be gone most of the week but I’m hoping I can stick to somewhat healthy eating during my time away.  Last night I made a small pork roast in the slow cooker loosely following this recipe and it was so good!  I’ve never cooked with a spice rub so it was something new and delicious.

It’s leftovers for dinner tonight then probably an easy pasta and broccoli dish tomorrow because I have broccoli that needs eaten up before I leave.

My writing might be hit or miss for the rest of the week since I’ll be out of town.  I might try to write some snippets on my phone but we’ll see how it goes.  I was going to drive back on Friday but that doesn’t make a ton of sense if I’m over that way might as well stay to enjoy the weekend, actually hoping to do some hiking while I’m over on that side of the state. Although I bought new insoles for my worn in, comfy shoes and went out for a walk last night that left me with giant angry blisters on my heels so I hope that doesn’t continue.  I’m gonna try a short walk tonight.

Heard a package thrown outside my door (Thanks Mailman for not bothering to ring the bell or knock) and it was facial masks and stationary from my sister-in-law.  Hooray for random presents!  I’m going to try one of these facial masks today and hopefully the stationary will motivate me to start writing more letters.

It’s gonna be a good week!! 😀



  1. Layla · June 15, 2015

    Urgh.. Your post reminds me that I have two interviews to prep for. Been job hunting for over a year now and all of the sudden I have two interviews… I just want to go there and beg them to give me the job..

    Liked by 1 person

    • Daisy9979 · June 15, 2015

      I’m in almost the same boat, been job hunting for almost 7 months now 2 interviews in one week.
      I feel ya. I wish I could just walk in and beg for the job, promise them I can do it but unfortunately we have to convince them by answering a bunch of random questions 😦
      Good luck with your prep and your interviews! 🙂


      • Layla · June 15, 2015

        Thanks!! Just remember they invited us, so we must have something they want!! Good luck on your interviews and the prepping…

        Liked by 1 person

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