Cellphones Are Ruining Your Memories

This is so true! I’m really trying to get better about simply enjoying and being present in the moment:)


Yesterday was my last day of my arduous university education. As I walked down the aisle adorned in a black and maroon gown, I noticed something strange.

Hundreds of parents proudly staring at their accomplished children, but not with their eyes, but through their tiny pixelated camera and cellphone screens.

Through their four-inch screens, they attempt to record and capture every single moment.

We have forgotten how to record treasured moments with our hearts and eyes. Instead of experiencing new delicacies, events, concerts and treasured memories first-hand, we choose to stare into our little screens to record and photograph every moment.

Moments are once in a lifetime

Why does time seamlessly pass as we age? Because somewhere along the line we forgot to savor the current moment.

We have become so caught up in capturing and immortalizing these experiences to share with our friends and family, that we forgot to…

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  1. Ompong · June 18, 2015

    You are right, Daisy… I often see people just sitting and clicking their devices during parties and reunions instead of talking to their friends and relatives. 🙂

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    • Daisy9979 · June 18, 2015

      Everywhere you go it’s people staring at their phones instead of actually visiting with the people around them , hopefully people will start to realize what they’re missing by staring at their phones all the time and look up to enjoy the people around them

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