The Weekend is Here!!!

I like writing but hate writing on my phone. I’m just old enough to not have grown up texting and typing away on tiny keypads so it still feels strange to me especially if it’s typing out anything longer than a text message but I have some time this morning and feel like writing. 

The interview went well yesterday. I only said “umm” about 4 times. I had to stop myself twisting in my chair like a child twice.  They liked the questions I asked at the end.   I felt okay when I was in there it wasn’t until I got to my car afterwards that I thought I was going to throw up or start crying hysterically. I find when I’m in high pressure situations I can kind of turn off emotions for a minute then once I’m out of the situation I lose it 😩 

Good news is I survived. Bad news is the waiting. 

The waiting just gives me time to think about everything I said, question what my references might say about me, wonder if this is finally the opportunity I’ve been waiting for, finally the chance to start a new career. I’m in a weird place where I’m trying to plan in case I get it but also not trying to plan too much because I don’t want to be completely shattered if it doesn’t work out. 

Speaking of working out…I need to get back on track and found some weights in my friend’s apartment so I’m going to do a quick workout this morning. I hope we’re gonna either go on a hike or do something with lots of walking tomorrow because I try to get in one long walk each week and haven’t done one this week. There’s tons of places to go around here and tons of things to do so I’m sure we’ll find something. 

My eating habits haven’t been terrible but also haven’t been great especially yesterday. 

  I ate a giant buyer and fries from Five Guys (so greasy, so good) after my interview, total junk food binge but worth it. This is the “little” burger and “tiny” fries. I devoured the burger, which is why there’s a pic of a half eaten bacon burger but did not eat all those fries. I also bought some peaches and blueberries at the store so if have some fruit to snack on while I’m here in an attempt to be mostly healthy:) Thankfully my friend eats pretty good so not too many temptations. 

While I’m waiting to hear back about the job I’m lucky to be in a city I love with my best friend plus I have some family to see while I’m over this way.  Today it’s a trip into the city to visit my aunt then back here for a night of scandalous adventure or maybe just a few drinks and a movie; we could go either way 😉 

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!! 


One comment

  1. Constructing Carrie · June 19, 2015

    I think you totally deserved that cheeseburger and fries after that interview! I’ve come to detest interviews, and frankly, I think they make them more stressful than they really need to be! Good luck on the job! I hope you hear something soon!!

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