Terrifying New Food Choices

Every so often something happens in our lives causing us to want to rant.

This is a bit of a lengthy post for me but I was inspired. I’m not a nutritionist or dietitian but I am someone who within the last 6 months began to pay attention to the foods I was eating and make changes.

I’m not perfect.  I still eat a greasy burger or indulge in a good restaurant meal every so often but I mostly avoid fast food and limit processed foods.

Laying in bed last night watching TV I saw a new Pizza Hut commercial showing their latest and greatest creation, Hot Dog Bites Pizza 😕

My first thought was “That looks disgusting”.  Second Thought was “Why?!?”  It was one more in a recent string of horrible food choices I’ve come across recently.

Little Caesar’s Bacon wrapped pizza.
Deep fried Big Mac.
Jack in the Box’s Stacked Grilled Cheese Burger.
Now Pizza Hut’s Hot Dog Bites Pizza.
Another in the long line of combining unhealthy foods with other unhealthy foods.  Genius.

As recently as last year I would have seen any of these food choices as amazing and been rushing out to try them but now…..unless these become my only food options, say in a desert island scenario, I will not tasting any of these items.

I’ve been the person not paying attention to what I was eating, not checking labels, not worrying about sugars or sodium, not looking at ingredients.  I might have looked at calories because I was usually always dieting but the only important thing in my mind was the amount of calories and later in life, the fat content.

No fat=Good even if it did come with a list of unpronounceable ingredients and high sugar content.

Thankfully I’ve learned some fat is okay and while keeping your calorie count in a normal range is good there’s so much more to food than just the calories.  This is the part where I again proclaim I don’t have it all figured out, I still make mistakes, and I’m not an expert but I am learning.

My wake up call was being told I was pre-diabetic.  It was basically change or get diabetes.  It was an easy choice.

I began to research, read labels, and replace processed foods with whole foods.  It was like a revelation and one that I want to share with as many people as possible because it’s changing my life.  It’s sad because until people stop eating these foods companies will continue to make them and health problems will continue to rise.

High blood pressure.
Heart Disease.
Just to name a few of the top ones associated with eating habits.

I love to research so I decided to gather nutritional information on the food items listed above.

Bacon wrapped pizza I actually couldn’t find the information for the pizza on Little Caesar’s website but a serving size of 1/8 pizza for the Deep, Deep dish pepperoni is 390 calories, 4g sugar, 670mg sodium.  Adding the bacon probably adds another 70 calories or so and ups the sodium.  Calorie count isn’t terrible if you just eat one piece but how many people eat just one piece?
Deep fried Big Mac.  It’s not a menu item (yet) but the standard burger is 563 calories so the article linked estimates another 1000 calories added with the batter and deep frying. According to McDonalds nutritional information, 9g sugar, 960mg sodium for just the burger then add in batter and oil.  Yikes! 😮
Jack in the Box’s Stacked Grilled Cheese Burger.  It’s basically a grilled cheese sandwich stacked on top of a cheese burger.  840 calories, 1970mg sodium, 8g sugar.  So much sodium, plus most people will add fries and a soft drink.
Now Hot Dog Bites Pizza (Pretzel Piggie) Calorie-wise it’s not too terrible but this is for just one slice (Again, How many people are eating only one slice?) from a 14″ Large Hand tossed pizza, 300 calories, 720mg sodium, 2g sugar.

I included links to the websites, some you have to scroll down to the bottom and download a PDF to view all the information.  If you eat fast food frequently it’s worth it to check out the nutritional information.  As mentioned above I never paid attention to sodium or sugar but now I understand why I was pre-diabetic.

According to the American Heart Association the recommended daily sodium intake is 1500mg/day, obviously there are exceptions to the rule but this is just a general guideline.  Many fast foods will put you well over that intake with just one meal or even one food item so if you’re eating these foods consistently it’s dangerous for your body.

“Ninety percent of Americans adults are expected to develop high blood pressure in their lifetimes, and eating too much sodium is strongly linked to the development of high blood pressure” (American Heart Association, 2014)

Then there’s sugar.  I discovered sugar in foods I never thought would have sugar.  It’s scary how even simple things like sauces, drinks, even canned vegetables can have sugars.  When I talk to people I’m finding few people pay attention to sugar.  Most people are shocked to find out how much sugar they consume vs. how much is recommended.

Recommended daily sugar intake for women is 25g or 6 teaspoons or 100 calories.
Recommended daily sugar intake for men is 37.5g or 9 teaspoons or 150 calories.

Some sugar sources are obvious, a 12 oz coke has 39g of sugar (Personal recommendation, if you’re drinking soda you should try to quit).  Others are sneaky, some jarred pasta sauces can contain 10 or more grams of sugar in 1/2 cup, which emphasizes why it’s so important to check the labels!

I think I’m done with my rant for now.  I genuinely hope people will wake up, realize how terrible food choices affect their bodies, and start to make changes.  You don’t have to throw away all your food or start some complicated meal plan or diet or start trying to jog 5 miles everyday.

I’ve found it doesn’t have to be super drastic and even the simplest changes can make a huge difference.

My biggest tip to anyone looking to change their health habits is to find what works for you.  You need to find ways to alter your lifestyle so you can go from someone who is focusing on getting healthy to someone who just eats healthy and is active without thinking about it all the time.

I’m nowhere near done with my journey.  I continue to make mistakes but I also continue to learn how to live a healthy life without cutting out food groups, without suffering through work outs (because I’ve found exercise I enjoy), basically without over complicating everything.  I’ve made simple changes in my life that have made me healthier and happier so I hope I can inspire others to do the same.

Featured image found on E! Online



  1. egitas · June 29, 2015

    its just mad mad mad, deep fried burger, i just cannot believe it. today was the evil three offered to me at the meeting-pizza (grains+dairy) and coke (sugar) and believe it or not, people were happily munching away around me.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Daisy9979 · June 29, 2015

      The deep fried burger is disgusting! I felt ill when I saw it. I actually had people who said they would eat it. Yuck!
      I still eat grains and dairy but definitely do my best to avoid sugar. Thankfully I’ve never really liked soda and just stick to water. I usually tell people how bad it is then leave them to make their own choices but it’s tough to watch someone eating something you know is so terrible.

      Liked by 1 person

      • egitas · June 29, 2015

        yes, i agree. i tell people, but i dont want to be somebody who gets to their brain, so im not the preaching person. maybe i should i dont know, but not sure if people like to do something they probably will do that anyway. and im now more paleo-no grains and dairy and having my heath improved even more than without sugar. best wishes!


  2. keen peach · June 28, 2015

    Daisy you have come such a long way in your journey! I love reading you blog! I love that you looked up the info on these foods too. I remember when I was a kid and never even thought twice about eating this stuff. But then when you are in a spot where you are trying to LOSE weight and learn that 3500 calories is one pound gained, all of a sudden 5 slices of pizza doesn’t seem all that fun. Great post.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Daisy9979 · June 28, 2015

      Even a couple years ago I wasn’t really thinking about eating this stuff, maybe the calories but I didn’t think about everything else that was bad for me. It’s just not as appealing to eat this type of food when you realize it’s the calorie content is 2 days worth of food and little to no nutritional value.
      I put some work into this post so I’m glad you enjoyed it. Thanks so much! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • keen peach · June 28, 2015

        Totally agree. The work and the guilt far outweigh the pleasure of eating that crap. Especially when there are so many delicious good for you things out there!


  3. miusho · June 28, 2015

    Sugar is my biggest problem. Sometimes I just NEED it or I’ll faint. Most of the times I can do without. But, it’s in almost everything. It’s ridiculous. Best is to just buy fresh or frozen and even with frozen, you need to watch out. :/

    Liked by 1 person

    • Daisy9979 · June 28, 2015

      It’s ridiculous how many products have sugar in them when it doesn’t seem necessary. I think the only frozen thing I buy anymore is the occasional ice cream.
      I try to stick to fruit to satisfy my sweet tooth but cookies are definitely my weakness…oh yeah, and ice cream 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

      • miusho · June 28, 2015

        I need to buy frozen because my fridge is too small and I also end up throwing things away.
        Home made ice cream. 😀


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