Too Hot!!!

This kind of heat is so miserable.  It’s too hot to really do anything outside.  In order to keep my apartment cool without turning on the air I keep the ceiling fans going and all the blinds closed.  All the blinds closed makes me apartment dark, like a cave, which makes me tired and lose track of time.  I thought it was about 5pm but sadly it’s only 3pm.  This is sad because I thought it was almost dinner time.

I want to open all the blinds but don’t want the heat to rise in here.  I also want to reheat my leftover pizza from yesterday but I might see how it tastes cold to avoid turning on the oven, kind of missing my microwave right now, lol.

IMG_8861My cat laying out on the floor depicts what I feel like when it’s this hot. I just want to lay on the floor and not move (or maybe I just wanted to use this cute picture of James the cat) but I’m getting a bit antsy so I think I’m going to find a project or maybe just kick back with a good movie.

I spent the last couple hours organizing my blog.  I’ve been saying I’m going to do it for awhile now but haven’t taken the time to really dig in and get it done.

I discovered last night I had over 150 categories 😮

I’ve now scaled down to about 40 and will probably try to get it around 30, much more manageable.  One of my inspirations for doing this was this post, How to WordPress from Miusho at Emotional Luggage.  It’s an older post but helped me understand categories are for me and organizing my content, tags are how my content is found.

I managed to get rid of all the categories that only had one post attached then made executive decisions about getting rid of other categories.  I didn’t think it was necessary to have “change” then also have “lifestyle change” and “career change” so I got rid of “change”  Same with “road trip”, “vacation”, “weekend getaway” I just kept vacation.

I was using categories as tags so I had weird, random tags that don’t fit with my content enough to be used on a regular basis.  I don’t need a whole category for popcorn or tofu instead putting those posts under food or healthy eating.  I also discovered a few posts with about 30 tags so I cleaned up some of those as well.  This continues to be a learning process.

I’ve been doing so much physical cleaning lately I guess I felt it was a good time to clean up my blog.  If I hear good news tomorrow I won’t have as much time to sit and clean up my blog so now is the time plus I actually felt like getting it done today plus I need to keep busy while I’m hiding in my cave.

I did get a call from the store manager job asking me to come in for a second interview tomorrow but I had to decline.  I think I would be stepping right back into my old job just in a different store so I need to trust in my abilities and continue to have faith that good news is around the corner.

Enjoy the last bit of the weekend! 🙂



  1. Tony Burgess · June 28, 2015

    I use more tagging than categories because coming from Tumblr tagging is all we had there. Lately I have been experimenting with categories.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Daisy9979 · June 28, 2015

      I didn’t understand tagging or categories at all when I started blogging so I was not using the two effectively.
      I used them as the same thing so I would put the same tags and categories or split topics between the two, basically I had no idea what I was doing…now I have a vague idea of what I’m doing, lol 🙂 I’m just learning as I go along, picking up tips and tricks where I can.


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