Why I’m Looking Forward to Moving…

One more quick post before I take my desk apart.

My apartment is starting to feel new again, which is a good sign.  It means all these days of slaving away will help me get some of my deposit back….hopefully.  I’m not super keen on the whole rental business right now and worry about them charging me for every little thing but I really think the place looks amazing, especially considering I’ve lived here for 8 years! 😮

I just can’t believe in a couple more days I’ll be locking this place up for the last time.  I’m trying not to get too sentimental but I did get a little teary eyed after my haircut yesterday.  I might need to have a good cry so I don’t have a full on emotional breakdown when everyone shows up to move me.

It’s the little things reminding me everything is changing and running errands yesterday reminded me in a few days I’ll be living in a whole new city.

To help alleviate some of my anxiety I decided to write about the top reasons why I’m looking forward to moving:

  1. Exploring new trails-I can’t wait to get settled into my place and start planning adventures.  I know there’s parks in the area but I just need to research to find out which ones are good so I can get out walking again.  I’ll start with the city parks and work into weekend adventures to the state parks.  In the meantime I will be taking advantage of my apartment complex’s fitness room.
  2. Closer to friends and family-A con is I’m further away from my parents and grandpa 😥 The pro is I have a few friends in the area plus tons of family!  Aunts, uncles, and more cousins than I can count!  It’ll make me feel less alone when I know I have people I can turn to if I need help or just someone to hang out with sometimes.
  3. Decorating a new place-I settle quickly so probably after the first week of work I will be decorating.  When I moved here a maintenance guy came in to do some work and he asked how long I’d lived here.  He was shocked when I told him a week because I had pictures on all the walls and no boxes anywhere.  I like to do my best to make a new place feel like home.
  4. New job-I’m so excited to get started in this new career.  I’m nervous, extremely nervous but can’t wait to take on the challenges this new job will present.  This is what I’ve been working for and I still struggle to believe it’s real but after seeing my office (yes, I have my own office!) I know it’s real.  Not sure if I shared this already but I found out my boss is from this side of the state and actually knows my best friends family 😮  It’s a small world after all……
  5. Meeting new people-This is a big one.  More people, new job, new city, means more opportunities to meet people.  Here I feel like I know so many people and I’m going to miss some of them but I’m also looking forward to meeting new people because it opens up the possibility of new opportunities…maybe even dating 😉

Now it’s time to take my desk apart and curtains down.  I think those are the last of the tasks for the day but I might run a couple errands before dinner or I might just wait until early in the morning.  I’m doing outside window cleaning early tomorrow morning when it’s not 96 degrees outside.  It sucks that it’s supposed to be so hot this weekend but it’s better than trying to move in the winter especially when the drive involves going over a mountain pass.

This has really been enough of a break…back to work for me.


Almost there….

Today was errand day.  I still have a list of cleaning to do and I need to take apart the desk I’m sitting at but I might jump on all those tasks tonight or early tomorrow morning because right now I’m seriously doubting my ability to stay awake for much longer today.

I think some of the exhaustion comes from the fact that I’m finally in the home stretch of my move.  Just a few more days and I will be driving away toward the sunset (I’m heading west 🙂  ).  I’ve been pushing myself so hard to finish everything, cleaning, packing, plus the 100 other random things you don’t always think about when you’re moving.  Sleep has been very limited and I think now that I’m nearing the finish line exhaustion is starting to set in.

Today I was up early doing a bit of cleaning then off to complete my list of errands including getting my bangs trimmed (because who knows when I’ll find a new stylist), getting a new drivers license (one of the benefits of living on the border of the state I’m moving to (Thanks for the idea Mom!), and picking up cat food (because he eats special food and who know when I’ll find a new vet).  I can’t even lie that I’m waiting as late as possible to disconnect my cable and internet but I plan to do it Friday morning then Friday afternoon I’ll sell my couch.

At that point I’ll just be sitting in my clean apartment with all my boxes waiting for everything to be picked up, honestly I’ll probably be so exhausted I’ll just be sleeping on the floor XD

Moving is a pain in the ass.  Apartments are difficult.  Finding a place that doesn’t charge for every little thing is impossible. When I went to move into my new place it wasn’t as clean as I thought it would be so I had to complain.  I don’t want to be the demanding tenant but if I’m spending hours cleaning the windows in my old apartment I expect them to be done in my new apartment.  Dust on the light fixtures was another one.  Simple but should have been done.

Overall though the place is great.  I have a huge balcony (featured image taken from balcony), tons of windows so I’ll have great light the few months of the year Seattle actually gets sun, a big storage closet, and a decent sized closet in the bedroom.  The bathroom is tiny, the kitchen is small but despite these little flaws I actually love the apartment.  I didn’t want to leave last weekend.

I’m ready to start this adventure but admittedly still a bit nervous.  Met with my boss so I know a bit more about my job, won’t be able to share too much but I will say it’s something I’ve always wanted to do even if it does scare me.  I had a few moments of “Is this really what I want to do?” but I decided it was just fear making me question myself so I push forward.

I feel a bit rusty, took me a long time to churn out this one little post but I’m sure I’ll get back into the swing of things once the dust settles.  Looking forward to getting back to Meal Plan Mondays and posting pictures.

Hope all is well with everyone!  I’ve been trying to read and catch up as I get time so if you see a bunch of likes on your posts from me it means I’m playing catch up, trying to read up on what’s been going on.  I might write tomorrow then my internet goes away 😦 but it’s a positive thing because it means I’m one step closer to my goals 🙂


I’ll post some pics of my place tonight or tomorrow but had to share these pics of my new pet squirrel. I’m sure the prior resident was feeding him since he would come up and snatch almonds right out of my hand, lol. 

This picture makes me laugh. He already had an almond but came right up to the door looking for more.