Sugar Scrubs

Chatting with a fellow blogger over the weekend about coconut oil and I mentioned I make sugar scrubs using coconut oil.  She suggested I do a post about them, which I thought was a great idea (Thanks Angela at the Keen Peach!).  I was out of scrub and it’s something to keep me busy plus I had some avocado oil on hand so I was eager to give that a try.

143Over Christmas in an effort to save money I made most of my gifts including manicures in a jar (Put in some cotton balls, nail clippers, files, couple nail polishes,maybe some nail stickers in a jar, decorate, and Voila!  Instant gift) and homemade sugar scrub.

As a total Pinterest addict I’d come across the recipes for sugar scrubs and pinned them but some used tons of ingredients.  Once I found one from A Pretty Life that had only 2 ingredients, sugar and coconut oil, I knew that was the one to try.

I usually hate posting stuff like this because I’m so terrible at following recipes but this is easy, just use a 2:1 ratio of sugar to coconut oil.  On the site she uses 1/2 cup sugar to 1/4 cup oil….I kind of wing it most of the time just adding oil then adding sugar until I think it looks right…measuring is probably easier 😀

Today I decided to have some fun since I was going to be posting about it and made 3 different scrubs.

1 My handMy first one was avocado oil, brown sugar, and coffee.  Old coffee grounds are surprisingly good for your skin and I had some on hand so I decided to add them.

I always have to try out my scrubs right away (Doesn’t my manicure look nice? 😉 )  to make sure they’re the right mix.  I think I’m really going to like the avocado oil and want to try this scrub as a facial tonight, so I’ll let you guys now how that turns out.

Next it was onto the coconut oil.  This is my first time using the nice unrefined coconut oil so I was very excited.  Usually the coconut oil is in a solid form but I think the heat in my apartment melted it so I got to skip the step I usually take of melting the oil.

As I mentioned I kind of wing it with the ingredients but definitely added way too much coconut oil so I decided to add coffee to half of this batch.  The unrefined coconut oil still has the coconut smell so it’s amazing but I did add a few drops of vanilla essential oil just because and it smells so GOOD!

1 White Sugar

I1 Coffee Sugar was very happy with how it turned out so I put some of that batch in a jar then added in some coffee grounds to the other half and it made this really great sand colored scrub that I really, really like.

One of the best parts is making all 3 of these scrubs only took about 30 minutes, no cooking, easy clean up.  I also enjoy having homemade beauty products because I know all the ingredients, no mystery ingredients.

1 Bottom of JarI love to use these all over but especially for hands and feet.  Of course, like many beauty products do a test if you have sensitive skin.  Also, if you use these in the shower or bath they are oil-based so it can make things slippery.  I’ve never had problems but I try to be cautious and warn people.

1 Top of Jars These are the labels I made for the jars.  I didn’t want to spend money on printer labels so I created a template, used some shiny paper I had on hand, and modge podged them on to the jars.  They’ve held up really well especially since they’ve been in water and reused several times since Christmas.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post showing off my crafty side!  Have a great night!


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