The Case of the Thug Kitchen Cookbook

This afternoon as I ran out the door to run errands I noticed a package so I threw it inside the apartment and went on my way because I only had about 10 minutes until I was supposed to meet someone (the drive was only 2 minutes).  I was curious about the package but quickly forgot about it as I ran errands.

Once I arrived home I was talking on the phone with my mom and opened up the box to find a Thug Kitchen cookbook.  I didn’t think it was too weird because I had posted a video about it on my personal Facebook page and sometimes my sister-in-law sends random gifts (She’s so sweet!  Last time it was facial masks and stationary).

This was the video I posted.  Warning!  It is explicit but so funny. (Kudos to me for embedding a video for the first time, not super challenging but I was very proud of myself when it actually worked)

The name said it was a gift from Antonio Ponte.  I still texted my sister-in-law but she said no, not from her.  I’m checking with my brother.  My mom said no.  My best friend said no.  My only other suspect right now is one of my cousins who liked the post.  We’re not super close but I did send her a baby gift so she would have my address.

I did what any good detective would do and posted the featured picture on Facebook in an attempt to solve the mystery of Antonio Ponte.  My close family suggested someone who reads my blog but I’m not posting my address and I didn’t post anything about Thug Kitchen before this post.  I was a little freaked out but also thought it would be odd for a stalker to send me a cookbook…..

I began to question everything I’ve done online.  I’ve made myself pretty public with my blog and photography Facebook page but still try to keep some information under wraps like my apartment number….ya know, the little things.  I questioned my immediate family.  I questioned my cousin.  I was racking my brain when my aunt confessed but also said someone else must have received a gift tag with her name, lol, so someone else out there has their own mystery to solve.

I was so grateful for the gift and also grateful it wasn’t some crazy stalker but admittedly I was a little disappointed that the mystery was over.  I was getting ready to try to rearrange the letters in the name to see if it spelled the name of someone I knew (which if I can I’m totally doing with my own name next time I send a gift online), do a thorough Google search of the name….that was really it.

If I couldn’t figure it out from there I would just accept the cookbook but also begin posting more pictures of things I want on Facebook, actually I might start doing this anyways.  This is the 3rd time I’ve posted something I want on Facebook and someone has sent it to me so maybe I’ll keep working my way up, start with some movies, maybe a new phone (there’s a post about my busted phone coming), jewelry, cars, and just see what happens 😀

Also, I’m so excited to start cooking out of this cookbook.  I was flipping through tonight and the recipes look amazing!

It’s been kind of weird day so I’m going to hang up my detective’s hat, kick back with a glass of wine, and call it a night!



  1. Ceta G · October 15, 2015

    This IS a great story! I might follow and start putting things I want on my Facebook page too 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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  3. miusho · July 2, 2015

    Secret admirer? 😛
    I wouldn’t overdo it with the gifts though. Where would you put all that stuff! XD

    Liked by 1 person

    • Daisy9979 · July 3, 2015

      I like how everyone else I know said secret admirer when I automatically thought stalker…I think I watch too many crime shows 😉
      Also, if I start getting diamonds and cars I’ll make room 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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