Meal Plan Monday

I’m hoping I’ll sell some more stuff this week for grocery money.  My kitchen is not empty but supplies are dwindling mostly in the protein area so my plan is to take $20 this week to get some chicken, tofu, and a few veggies.  I bought some great stuff at the Farmer’s Market but woman cannot live on raspberries and huckleberries alone….although I’m going to try.

I’m really not as bad off as I make it sound.  I’m once again running into the “I’m not out of food but I’m out of the food I want to eat” dilemma.

First world problems.

I still have rice, pasta, eggs, canned veggies, soup, cereal (that may or may not be expired), oatmeal.  I think I even have some pinto beans buried in the back of the pantry somewhere so all is not lost.  Just did a quick kitchen inventory and yes, there are pinto beans, might have to throw those in the slow cooker one morning, and the cereal is not expired.  I also found some frozen salmon in a bag that was never opened but I can’t find a date so in an attempt to prevent me from poisoning myself I’m going to thaw a piece and check it out.  If it seems too fishy (ha ha) I’ll let it go.

I technically have enough I could make it most of the week without going to the store so I might try it, especially if the salmon is good.   Here’s what I’ll do.  I’ll try to go Monday-Friday without grocery shopping then I’ll go Saturday morning.  It’ll be a test of creativity 😀

Sometimes I fail tests so I’ll keep you guys updated during the week.

This week I did get creative with my snacking, trying to find healthy snacks I could make from stuff on hand that would also satisfy my junk food cravings.

My favorite was the Crispy Roasted Chickpeas.  I had a can of chickpeas in the fridge I bought when I was experimenting with food but then decided I was too scared to try them until I found this recipe.  They were so delicious!  I unfortunately devoured them all before I could take a picture but I’ll take a pic next time I make them because I will definitely be making them again and looking forward to trying different seasonings.

The other good one was baking green beans in the oven to make them like french fries.  One of the articles I read when I set out to do this suggested they taste like french fries….this is a lie but they do taste good and satisfied my junk food craving yesterday.

I was going to do a workout update with this but I’ve rambled for too long so I’ll do a separate post later tonight or tomorrow.  Hope everyone is having a lovely Monday!

M:  Breakfast for Dinner
T:  Salmon, rice and green beans *If the salmon is not good it will simply be rice and green beans
W:  Eggs with veggies
T:  Spaghetti
F:  Pinto beans
S:  Stuffed peppers
S:  Mystery Meal

Totally random side note.  If you haven’t already checked it out I’ve added more pics to my photography Facebook page from the weekend 🙂


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