Finding Strength & Motivation in Challenges

Lately I’ve been feeling like I’m in a workout slump so I’m trying out different things to help me keep moving.  I’m still working out but it’s inconsistent.  I’m struggling to get myself back into a routine.  My one consistent is an evening walk, usually at least 30 minutes every night so I’m not completely morphing back into a couch potato but I did have a pretty serious Netflix marathon the other day….okay, maybe I had a couple days of marathon TV watching 😳

I read about the #1MillionMinutesChallenge on Carrie’s blog Constructing Carrie in her post here.  I decided to check out Fit Approach and the challenge.  As someone who still considers herself new to the fitness world I loved finding this resource of a whole community offering advice and support.  The #1MillionMinutesChallenge is designed to help motivate people to keep moving during these hot summer months so it runs from June 21 to August 21.

All you have to do is sign up then log your active minutes onto the website.  Sounds like there will be prizes along the way but I like the idea of contributing to the challenge of reaching one million active minutes.  Right now I’m struggling to not want to camp out by the phone (I know we’re not talking about “that” but I’ll have a quick update today) instead of getting outside and living my life.

Committing myself to challenges has helped reignite my motivation so this morning I wrote out a workout schedule for the rest of the week:

T:  Evening Garden walk-3 miles
W:  Gym, Morning garden walk-3 miles & 30 minute evening walk
T:  Gym, Morning trail walk-3 miles & 30 minute evening walk
F:  Evening trail walk-3 miles
S:  Gym-Farmers Market walk & 30 minute evening walk

The days I’m not in the gym I’m going to be doing light strength training at home plus I’m doing the 31 Day Core Challenge (which is definitely challenging!!!).  I’m trying to do all the exercises but sometimes have to break them up into 2 little mini challenges but I keep trying 😀

I’ve been feeling sore since increasing my activity again but I know the soreness will pass and have to keep reminding myself how much better I feel when I’m active.  I also have to remind myself how far I’ve come since I started working out, a year ago I would’ve felt overwhelmed at the prospect of walking 15+ miles in a week and would’ve been happy getting in 3-5 miles.

After spending most of Sunday and Monday holed up in my apartment getting out for a long walk last night felt really good!  (Plus when I go outside I can get great sunset pics like the one above from the Fourth)  It can be challenging to keep moving when it’s so hot outside but it’s not impossible and these challenges are helping me stay motivated!  🙂

Anyone else doing the #1MillionMinutesChallenge or have any other challenge that helps keep you moving?


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  1. Constructing Carrie · July 7, 2015

    Thank you for the shout out! And yup, you get prizes for the #1MillionMinutes Challenge! I was a week one winner, and won a super cute no-slip headband from @katiedidpro! 🙂 Good luck on your challenges!

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