Another Post I Hate

I’m overthinking everything.  I’ve started several different posts but can’t seem to hit on the right topic.  Everything feels forced, like I’m trying too hard so I think I’ll just write whatever pops into my head and see what happens.

My eyes are burning, my throat is scratchy, and I’m tired.

Most of Washington and Idaho are on fire right now.  The closest fire I know of is about 40 miles away but smoke travels far.  The haze over the sky and my angry allergies are proof of that fact.  For some reason, smoke is one of the worst irritants for my allergies so I’ve closed up the windows and plan to stay inside today.

I might have to take my walk to the treadmill tonight, which sucks but it’s better than using the smoke as an excuse to not workout.  Last night’s garden walk was great.  I walked more than I planned to and because I was distracted by hummingbirds I had to hustle up the hill in time to catch the sunset.  One of my tasks today is editing pictures.  The featured image is one I took with my phone.  Also, kind of random but on the subject of photography I think the magazine I’ve been working with is going to use one of my pictures for the cover next month! 😀

I was up early because as much as I try to hide my anxiety and worry I think James the cat picks up on it, some people might think that’s crazy but pets are more in tune with us than we might realize.  I struggled to sleep, tossing and turning most of the night having weird nightmares.

At one point my blanket moved as I was drifting off and I was convinced something reached out from under the bed to try to grab me.  At another point I thought there was an angry robot standing in the doorway of the bedroom.  The robot was kind of funny because it was like a 50’s or 60’s sci-fi movie robot….it was weird.  Around 4:30 in the morning James the cat threw up right beside the bed so I had to deal with that then try to go back to sleep.

Of course once I finally got back to sleep it was almost time to wake up so I just feel a bit groggy today.  I might have to try a nap or at the least a very early bedtime.  I’m continuing to clean out my apartment and pack.  In the process realizing I’m actually enjoying the process of getting rid of all the clutter, everything is so open and looks clean.  Clean is good because clean calms my nerves.

I’m not a big fan of this post either but I think instead of trying to write another one I’m going to post it and go edit some photos.  If you’ve made it this far, hopefully I’ll have a less random post up later today with some of the photos from yesterday’s walk 🙂


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