James the Cat

Around 8:00 last night I could barely hold my eyes open.  I managed to stay awake until almost 8:30 but I was in bed before 9:00 with the intentions of going right to sleep, unfortunately once I laid down in bed I couldn’t sleep.

Isn’t that the worst? So tired but unable to sleep.

I know I finally got to sleep but it took awhile then James the cat decided since we went to bed early, breakfast must be earlier so he began pestering me around 4:30 this morning 😡  Finally around 5 I gave up on ignoring him.

I don’t swear much on here but he really was being an ass this morning, knocked everything off the nightstand, meowing, tapping my face with his paws, walking back and forth over me.  I closed him out of the bedroom for a bit but there was meowing then I started hearing things falling as he was knocking books off the bookshelf…..like I said, just being an ass or a cat.

Cats are like that sometimes but I still love him.  He’s pretty darn adorable.1 James Sleeping

I tried to go back to sleep but it wasn’t happening so I decided 6:30 in the morning is a good time to go to WalMart and also to do laundry.  It’s stuff I needed to do today anyways so I might as well get it done early.  Now as I sit here I’m contemplating a 3rd cup of coffee to help me get through the rest of the day because I’m soooooooo tired.

Of course James the cat has long since gone back to sleep and will continue to sleep most of the morning away while I try to keep myself from staring at the phone…..hopefully today is the day!

Happy Friday! 🙂  

Totally random side note I just discovered the other toolbar that lets me change font colors and size.  I really should read up on how to use WordPress but for right now I kind of prefer stumbling through, picking up tips and tricks where I can, and learning as I go along.



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  3. jordynashley · July 10, 2015

    Don’t get mad at me 😉 but I couldn’t help but laugh reading about James being an ass. HAHA! He is like a child trying to get your attention… kind of cute!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Daisy9979 · July 10, 2015

      Not mad at all, lol. It’s funny when I look back at it but at 4:30 this morning I was ready to give him away.
      I’m a little bit crazy cat lady so he is kind of like my child, a little bit bratty sometimes but I still love him 🙂


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