Meal Plan Monday-Now with Lunches

My first week of work made me realize I needed to get back into meal plans ASAP because without them my default mode is quick and easy.  Okay I should clarify because I like my meal plans to be quick and easy but without the meals plans I’m more likely to grab fast food or go to the store to buy something like a frozen pizza.

I figured with the move I would’ve gained weight because I wasn’t working out (although I’ll have a post about the moving workout) and was eating junk like pizza and fast food but I actually lost a couple more pounds.  Kind of amazing and I don’t want to gain it back so it’s time to get back to good habits.

At my last job I wasn’t hardly eating during the day then binging so I don’t want to fall back into that habit but I also don’t want to fall into the temptation of eating all day because I’m sitting at a desk.  I’m hoping I’ll be busier this week at work but last week sitting at a desk made me want to snack all day.  In an effort to combat this I’m planning lunches and filling my desk with healthy snacks plus drinking lots of water.

Almonds, trail mix, and tangerines are my main snacks of the moment but I’ll stock up on more snacks as I keep working.  Breakfast continues to be the same.  I usually try to eat something before I leave the house around 8 so I’m not ravenously hungry later in the day but I find myself eating again around 10AM.

I’m approaching my meal plans just like I did when I wasn’t working, keep it simple, do prep whenever possible, and plan so I don’t buy random groceries during the week.  One of my preps this week is cooking up a pound of hamburger, crumbling half of it and making patties out of the other half.  The other key ingredient is the big bag of cauliflower, broccoli, and carrots so I can either steam those or eat them raw, one of the favorite mainstays in my fridge.

The meals I’ve come up with for this week I shouldn’t have to do any shopping with one exception.

This morning I found out there’s a Farmers Market Friday evenings in the mall parking lot across the street.  Yay!  I can’t wait to walk over this week after work to see what’s there, what the prices are like, and hopefully pick up some fresh produce.

Here it is, the official return of Meal Plan Monday!

L:  Salad
D:  Pasta with spinach and broccoli

L:  Wrap and veggies
D:  Spaghetti

L:  Leftovers
D:  Tofu tacos

L:  Salad with leftover tofu
D:  Rice and veggies

L:  Steamed veggies
D:  Sweet potato fires and burger

L:  Salad
D:  Cauliflower tater tots and grilled cheese

L:  Sweet potato and veggies
D:  I’ll be going out to dinner one night this weekend, just not sure which one yet so I might tweak things a bit over the weekend.

Hope your Monday is not too terrible and here’s to a great week!



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  2. foodformeplease · August 10, 2015

    Love trail mix thanks 🙂


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