The Paranoid Hermit

I was having a lovely dream this morning where I walked to the mall to get my hair trimmed and found my stylist was in the area.  I was so happy to not have to get my hair trimmed by a stranger, so I made an appointment with him then left.  On the way home I found a watch in my bag so I decided to put it on but then an alarm started going off on the watch.  I kept trying to turn it off by pushing all the buttons but nothing would make it stop…..finally, I woke up and realized in real life it was time to wake up XD

Sleep has been elusive for me these last few nights.  I’m tired and I try to go to bed early but I fall asleep for 15 minutes then something wakes me up.  After that I spend my time staring at the ceiling trying to decipher every noise I’m hearing.

It’s something you don’t always think about when moving into a new place, growing accustomed to all the noises.  In my old place I was used to hearing the kids upstairs running around in the morning or the guy upstairs playing with his stereo system but here everything is new.  Also, I’m in a bigger city and in a job where I read about crime all day so part of my settling process is coming to terms with these changes.

STEP ONE:  Dealing with the Job

I’m working on leaving the work at work because it’s only going to get more challenging from here.  Hobbies are also going to be important so I’m not dwelling on work.  I tend to be a workaholic anyways so to truly leave the work at work I need to stay busy.

I’m also committing myself to finding more time to workout and am going to head over to the fitness center next week in the morning before work.  If I have 30 minutes to clean up my e-mail/play on the computer in the morning I could probably fit in a quick workout.  If that doesn’t work I’ll try it out after work.  I already know walking helps with my stress so as I search for places to walk nearby I’m back on the treadmill, might also check out mall walking since there’s a mall across the street.

STEP TWO:  Dealing with the City

I’ve never lived in a city of this size and I hear stories so I try to be as vigilant and aware as possible but I think in my attempts to do this I’m making myself crazy.  I’m starting to look at everyone as a suspicious person so I’m trying to remind myself the majority of the people here are just like me, regular people living their lives.

Is there more crime here?  Yes.
Do I need to be more aware?  Yes.
But I also need to relax and steer myself away from becoming paranoid.

It’s something I’m working on and one of the ways I’m working on it is to make myself get out to explore the city more.  I’m still being cautious because there are definitely areas to avoid but there’s also some great areas and if I become a paranoid hermit I’ll never to get to see them.

I’m looking forward to not having to worry about any alarms tomorrow because it’s Saturday!!!  I was tempted to hibernate tomorrow but I’m making myself head out on a couple excursions after sleeping in of course 😉


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