Good Morning!!!

I love that I chose the place with the shorter work commute mostly because it gives me extra time in the mornings without me having to wake up at 5AM.

I’m one of those crazy people who wakes up at least an hour and a half before I have to go to work for several reasons.

One is I hate feeling rushed.  I hate trying to get ready in a short amount of time, wondering if I’m forgetting to do something or forgetting to grab something I need.

If I don’t give myself extra time I end up feeling rushed because of reason number two, I need time to wake up.  Sadly, much of my morning is spent staring into space wondering about my next move or where I would go if a zombie apocalypse broke out today.  It’s terrible.  Instead of going right to putting on makeup out of the shower I might lay on my bed for 10 minutes checking my e-mail or simply staring into space…perhaps pondering on the existence of aliens.

I’ve also found I like having time before I leave to write or catch up on some blogs or simply sit and drink a cup of coffee before I start my crazy day.

The more I get into my job the more I love it but I am also beginning to see greater value in the downtime.  I need those moments to stare in curiosity/disgust at the barefoot neighbor walking her dogs.  Barefoot!  In the parking lot!  I’m not a total germaphobe but that’s gross…sorry.

Anyways, I’m coming up at the end of my morning time and have to throw my stuff together so I can head out to work.  We’re doing some physical activities today so I get to wear sweats to work today so that seriously cut down on my getting ready time, although I feel weird going into work in sweats.  We had the option to change at lunch but how often will I get the chance to wear sweats to work?  Might as well take advantage and be comfy all day.

Hope y’all enjoy the day!! 😀

Any other morning people out there?  What’s your favorite part of being an early riser?



  1. BabetaRuns · August 20, 2015

    Here here! I love my time in the mornings… Big breakfast, everyone and everything else still sleeping… Love it!

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  2. miusho · August 20, 2015

    Before my issues I needed an hour as well.. Now I can’t get out of bed and I only give myself 20 minutes. 😦

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    • Daisy9979 · August 20, 2015

      I have times like that but I hope you can get back to the place of giving yourself more time in the morning. Feeling rushed can contribute to stress and I know you don’t need any more stress right now.

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      • miusho · August 21, 2015

        I hope so too but that won’t be for the next month I think.. Bah!


  3. Layla · August 20, 2015

    I sweat, I would think you are my lost sister or something. I can pretty much relate to so many things you post… This was another one… It’s creepy 😉

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    • Daisy9979 · August 21, 2015

      I feel the same way but it’s a good creepy….:)

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      • Layla · August 21, 2015

        Maybe it’s because we’re going though the same things atm, it’s nice having someone I can relate to, even though I’ve never met you 🙂

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