Letter to self

This made me tear up a bit….very beautiful words. I think this is a good message for everyone.

Christie Page

The letter I wish I had written to myself years ago.

Dear self,

It is ok. All of it. Every last bit of every single thing you have ever been and ever done is ok. There is nothing that defines you. You are limitless and boundless. You are forgiven. I forgive you. For everything. For all of it. You are not malice or evil. You are not bad or unwanted. Even if the only joy you ever have is the joy of yourself, THAT is enough. YOU are enough.

Anyone or anything that attempts to devalue you in any way is not worthy of the breath it would take to tell them, so simply walk away. Save your voice. Only speak to those who deserve the attention of your touch. The way you touch life, the way you approach life, the way you value life.

Come up swinging! Swing wide…

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