Letter to self

This made me tear up a bit….very beautiful words. I think this is a good message for everyone.

Christie Page

The letter I wish I had written to myself years ago.

Dear self,

It is ok. All of it. Every last bit of every single thing you have ever been and ever done is ok. There is nothing that defines you. You are limitless and boundless. You are forgiven. I forgive you. For everything. For all of it. You are not malice or evil. You are not bad or unwanted. Even if the only joy you ever have is the joy of yourself, THAT is enough. YOU are enough.

Anyone or anything that attempts to devalue you in any way is not worthy of the breath it would take to tell them, so simply walk away. Save your voice. Only speak to those who deserve the attention of your touch. The way you touch life, the way you approach life, the way you value life.

Come up swinging! Swing wide…

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Working Wardrobe Wednesday…on Thursday

I was dealing with payday drama the last couple days so I neglected writing my Wednesday post but all is well now so it’s back to writing.

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to keep up enough content for this idea but I’ll keep it going while I still feel like doing it.  This week I had two outfits I really loved and I’m finding more pieces to add to my working wardrobe.

FullSizeRender (17) First was the gray pants witFullSizeRender (22)h plain white shirt, purple sweater, and sparkly shoes!  I woke up not feeling very well this day so I forced myself to dress up in the hopes that feeling good in my clothes would somehow make me feel better.

I was still really tired but I think dressing up a bit helped me feel better.  I’m obsessed with these gray pants because they look dressy and professional but feel like pajama pants.  Some of my favorite pieces are the ones that look really dressy but are super comfy.  I don’t think fashion has to be uncomfortable.

I sometimes worry the sparkly shoes are too much but wearing them with a simple outfit gives the outfit a little bit of interest without looking like I’m wearing children’s pretty princess dress up shoes.  I truly believe in the less is more philosophy.  I have a few items I consider statement pieces so I try to pair them with simple looks to make them stand out.  Sparkly shoes with a sparkly dress and lots of jewelry would be too much for me.  FullSizeRender (18)I wish I’d taken a picture of them in the sun.  They’re really beautiful in the sun.  I wasn’t sure if I was in love when I bought them over a year ago but I find I wear them all the time.  As I said they’re fun to add a little pizzazz to what might be a plain outfit.
This next one is not the greatest picture.  I look like I ruffled my hair then took the pictures…..taking pictures after I fixed my hair would’ve been a better idea but this is the best of the worst.

FullSizeRender (23)

I almost got rid of this sweater at one point but something made me hang onto it and I’m glad I did because it’s perfect for work.  Yes, it’s leopard print but again pairing a statement piece with a simple outfit makes it not so overwhelming.

I paired this with a plain black tank underneath, a pair of dark skinny jeans, and dark brown flats.  I almost put on some jewelry but decided the leopard print cardigan was enough on its own.  I also like it zips rather than buttons.

This is another piece that was on the chopping block but is now back in the regular rotation.  The ladies in the office loved this one.  I feel like I’m starting to find my style at work.  I worry I’m a bit too dressy sometimes but I’m not going out in the field yet so I feel like I should take advantage of that and dress up sometimes while I still can because I’m sure in a few months I’ll be doing more at work so it’ll be more jeans than dress pants.

I actually asked my boss for more work today….not sure if that was the best idea, ha ha XD however, I’m happy to really start digging into this new job but I’ll have more about that in another post.

Hope everyone is having a great week!  I’m so happy it’s Friday!!!  (Okay, it’s still Thursday but it’s late enough in the day I’m saying it’s Friday 😉  )

Could you be happy?

I write about body image and confidence from time to time.  This will be a quick post, posing a question.  When you hang out with other women you begin to see how many women are affected by this constant desire to be skinnier, always striving to lose 10 lbs or drop 1/2 a size.  These goals all focused on their weight, looking for happiness in a smaller pants size.

I emphasize “always” and “constant” because it seems even when we’re at a good place we want to lose more.  How many of us have friends who look great but it seems like they’re always talking about trying to lose 5lbs or 3lbs or 10lbs?

Today the question below popped into my head and I began to wonder how many people could honestly say yes.

If you were in perfect health but couldn’t lose or gain weight for the rest of your life, could you be happy?

I would think most people would say yes because you would eventually reach a point of acceptance but I guess that’s kind of the point.  Continue to work on weight loss if you want although I encourage focusing more on health but also work on genuine acceptance of your body and in the process finding happiness beyond your weight or size.