Here in the Real World…

This morning I was scrolling mindlessly through Facebook because that’s what I do;however, I am beginning to do it less because I realize it’s kind of ridiculous.  Random comments on life.  Pictures of food.  People showing what store they’re shopping at today.  Kids.  Pets.  Political commentary.  Religion.  A little bit of everything and of course, there’s the drama, which used to amuse me but now it just annoys me and makes me kind of sad.

I’ve written about this before but our perspectives on life are constantly shifting.  Moving to a bigger city and changing jobs has also changed some of my views on the world.  I’m still optimistic but my rose colored glasses are losing their tint, actually some days I feel like someone threw them away.  I’m finding some of the little things mean less to me because I’m starting to see the big things.  I’m seeing more people with real, genuine problems.

People dealing with addiction.
People with serious physical or mental health problems.
People lacking opportunities.
People who are wondering where they’re going to sleep tonight.
People who don’t have jobs.
People who have no support in their lives.
People who have no hope.

This is not to say poor choices were not made somewhere along the way but if you stop and think you might be able to remember a time when you made a choice where if you had decided differently the entire path of your life may have been altered, perhaps for the better, or perhaps for the worst.

Imagine your support system, friends, family, anyone in your life who supports you emotionally.
Now take them away.

Imagine your job, your source of financial support and health insurance.
Now take that away.

Imagine a series of seemingly small events that alter the course of your life.

You fall behind on some bills, struggling to keep up on payments while also trying to support your basic needs.  You’re injured but have no health insurance so you either suffer or acquire more bills you can’t pay.  You try to tap into resources but there’s so little for so many.  Plus you’re now dealing with the stigma and stereotypes of poverty.

I’m not trying to make excuses for anyone but simply trying to encourage people to stop and think.  This is not to say I’m perfect and never fall into the trap of “first world problems.”  I once threw a minor tantrum because Starbucks was out of Venti cups…”How does this happen?!?”  Seriously, I’m still embarrassed about that one so I’m going to try to fall into this trap less often.

I’m also not giving up on social media but simply paying less attention to it.  I’m no saint.  I don’t give as much as I should but I’m more aware and working on it.  I realize how much good I have in my life even when I’m complaining about not being able to find anything to wear or how I couldn’t afford to buy whatever I wanted at Target.  I want to continue to appreciate each and every day, work on giving back to my community, and encourage others to do the same.



  1. Constructing Carrie · September 6, 2015

    I get so frustrated with social media and say I want to quit it altogether all the time, but the vast majority of my friends are spread across the country, and it’s absolutely a God-send for keeping up with them. I’m soooo not looking forward to the next year, with all the election nonsense!

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    • Daisy9979 · September 7, 2015

      I was on the verge of deactivating my account the other day but it is a good way to stay in touch with family and it can be fun but also frustrating…
      I completely agree! I kind of hate politics and have some very opinionated friends so it should be interesting. I usually just sit back and watch the show, lol.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. inspiretheworld2day · September 6, 2015

    Social media really gets to me. The opinions, the insults, religion, politics. Makes me want to scream sometimes but nudges me at the same time to try and be a little better every day 🙂

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