No AM Workouts and Surviving a Bad Day

Yesterday morning as I hit snooze for the 4th time and finally awoke from a dream so real I would’ve sworn I was already dressed and headed out the door to work out I realized this early morning workout might not work for me right now but I did try….kind of…. ūüôĄ

I instead decided while the weather is still nice I should take advantage of “the outside” and go for a walk after work. ¬†My motivations for working out have always been:

  1.  Health
  2. Weight Loss

A few years ago I would’ve reversed the two but now health is the priority and weight loss is a positive side effect but today I want to add a third motivation:

3.  Stress Relief

Yesterday for the first time I had to deal with a few very unpleasant aspects of my job. ¬†I made a mistake and my boss was completely okay with it, even told me I was doing a good job but I beat myself up to the point of emotional frailty. ¬†I was at the point where one more thing and I was going to burst into tears but instead of stepping out of the office for a break I made the error of wallowing in my mistake, even though I’m old enough to know better.

One more thing happened and I found myself in tears in my office trying to figure out how to escape without anyone seeing me, whereas if I’d just taken a break a couple hours ago when I first started feeling bad I might have avoided finding myself in the scenario of trying to plan an escape route. ¬†The problem is you have to check out when you leave the building but I got out, driving aimlessly crying for a few minutes when I impulsively decided to stop at Trader Joe’s.


For some reason I decided the key to calming my frazzled mind was a walk through the well-maintained, although slightly crowded with old ladies who refuse to let you walk by them as they aimlessly wheel their shopping carts side to side, aisles of Trader Joe’s. ¬†Actually, I’d never been in one before but wanted to try a recipe with chia seeds so in my distressed state some part of my mind went “Trader Joe’s should have chia seeds” ¬†I’m pretty sure it was my mind’s way of distracting me from my current emotions…and it worked. ¬†Well played, mind……..

I survived my bad day but still feel a bit emotionally worn out so I’m trying early bed times, exercise, eating real food, lots of writing, reading, and finding some projects to keep me busy. ¬†Some downtime is okay but I can’t have too much sit and dwell time because that’s exactly what I’ll do every time.

This post went a completely different direction from the workout update I intended to write but that’s what happens sometimes. ¬†Basically I’ll be skipping the AM workouts for now but doing nightly walks as long as the weather allows then hitting up the fitness center because the workouts are a must for my physical and mental health.


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