OVERNIGHT CHIA | Chia seed breakfast pudding

I’ve been reading about all the benefits of chia seeds and in my effort to return to my ways of trying new foods I decided this seemed like a good place to start. You guys know I love an easy recipe 😀
I’ll be honest and say my first bite yesterday was not favorable. I didn’t love the consistency of the chia seeds;however, I made myself take a few more bites and even tried it again this morning. I actually liked it better today. It was a good introduction to chia seeds and I can’t wait to start trying them in other recipes and foods 🙂

Anchored to Sunshine

chia seed pudding breakfast

Ahhh, a long weekend. Thank you, Labor Day! To kick my day off the right way, I figured a tasty breakfast was in order!

The boyfriend has been on a chia seed kick this last month. I swear, he’s trying to put chia into anything and everything! He gets on these health kicks all the time (a few months ago it was coconut oil), but I try and support them as long as they are tasty 🙂

When he stumbled upon chia pudding he immediately sent me the idea to make since it would be “great for the blog” (aka great for his tummy).

chia seed pudding

So here we have it, chh-chh-chh-chia seed breakfast pudding!

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  1. keen peach · September 12, 2015

    Haha! What didn’t you like about the chia seeds? I’m not really a fan either but I do eat them just for the benefits. Still, these recipes look beautiful!

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    • Daisy9979 · September 12, 2015

      They were kind of gel-like in the pudding, so it was just a weird texture. Not terrible but definitely a bit odd. I’m going to try them in oatmeal to see if they blend better.


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