The Beach!

Last week I jumped in the car to find a close to home adventure.  I felt like I’d been cooped up too much and was missing out on the joy I find in a day outdoors with just my camera.  The 15 minute drive to Mukilteo made me realize how lucky I am to be in an area where I’m within a mile of an assortment of shopping but also within 8 miles of the ocean.

As always when I set out on my own I’m nervous/excited.  I’m nervous about getting lost or not being able to find parking or that it won’t be a safe area or even just a nice area for a walk but as I pull into downtown and quickly find a parking place my fears are relieved.  I have to pay for parking but it was only $7 for 3.5 hours.

I grab my camera and head for the beach…wait, feel some raindrops, back to the car for my sweatshirt.  Okay, let the adventure begin.

I walk down to a little area of beach and there’s not too much to see but it is pretty, except for the man having a very loud cell phone conversation.  I realize this part of the beach is where scuba divers get into the water so I hang out for a few minutes, snap a few pictures then head on my way.  I walk onto a small pier in front of hotel.  I see something in the water and realize it’s a seal!!!  I’m so excited I miss getting a picture but sometimes the experience is enough for me and I know I’ll be back.

I walked further finally coming to the park on the beach.  It’s overcast, a bit rainy and cold but I find myself relaxing as I’m walking along the beach.  The wind and the water hitting the shore is enough to drown out most of the noise.  I walk as far as I can down the beach to escape the small crowds of people, finally settling on a nice log to just sit and watch the water.

1 Beach and Sky 1 Rocks on the beach 1 Seagull Sign

There’s also a lighthouse.  I love being a tourist.  I’m the person who wants to check out the random museums and scenic stops on road trips so I knew I wanted to see the lighthouse.  It was small but worth climbing to the top to take a look around.  This is one of the last weekends they were open so I was happy I made it before they closed up for the season.

1 Mukilteo Lighthouse 1 Inside the Lighthouse

I feel like I found a new happy place, which is a big deal for me because I’ve been struggling to find places I can escape to when I’m feeling overwhelmed with life.  In my old city I knew where to go but here I have to continue to make the effort to find these places.  I’m sure this place is crowded in the summer but in the cooler months I think it will be a perfect escape for me, someplace to take great pictures, sit, relax, stroll on the beach, and escape the real world for a little while.  I can’t wait to go back again.

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