Just a Girl….

I’ve admitted multiple times that I’m struggling with my workout routine, which is basically non-existent.  It’s a walk here and there, some weights or floor exercises at night but nothing consistent.  I’m hoping this is the week all of that changes.

I was reminded of some motivating factors.  I have to do training for my job, some of which is physical so while I don’t have to be an Olympian I do need to be in decent shape.  I also heard I may need a physical before the training so I want to make sure I make it through that with flying colors.  A pair of jeans that fit very comfortably before were a bit on the snug side and I flirted with a guy.

Yep, I’m going to get all girly and shallow for a minute.  My inspiration to throw on my sneakers and jump on the treadmill tonight was a conversation with a cute guy….

Living in a college town the selection of eligible bachelors were often on the young side and since I wasn’t really feeling the whole cougar thing I struggled to meet guys, especially guys my age who were at similar places in their lives (also I didn’t really put myself out there).  In this new city and new job I’m meeting more people who I have things in common with because we’re all around the same age, toward the end of my last job I felt like the Mom of the group so getting out of that mentality is very refreshing but I have a whole other post planned on age that was inspired by this one.

I’m trying to stay focused on the cute guy and working out for this one.

I’m going to try an every other day workout schedule, so tomorrow I’ll be back on the treadmill and tonight I’m going to do some weights and floor exercises.  I’m trying to get more serious about my commitment to working out because I really did feel great last night when I was done.  I need to keep that feeling in mind whenever I’m thinking about skipping a workout because it’s such a great sense of accomplishment and joy.

I’ve got to wrap up this post and curl my lashes one more time before I head out to work because you never know who you’re going to meet and I look forward to finding more motivation 😉  Have a great Wednesday!!  Working Wardrobe Wednesday will be back next week!

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  1. miusho · October 8, 2015

    In all honesty.. Sometimes something as simple as a cute guy is motivation enough. 😉

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