The Beach!

Last week I jumped in the car to find a close to home adventure.  I felt like I’d been cooped up too much and was missing out on the joy I find in a day outdoors with just my camera.  The 15 minute drive to Mukilteo made me realize how lucky I am to be in an area where I’m within a mile of an assortment of shopping but also within 8 miles of the ocean.

As always when I set out on my own I’m nervous/excited.  I’m nervous about getting lost or not being able to find parking or that it won’t be a safe area or even just a nice area for a walk but as I pull into downtown and quickly find a parking place my fears are relieved.  I have to pay for parking but it was only $7 for 3.5 hours.

I grab my camera and head for the beach…wait, feel some raindrops, back to the car for my sweatshirt.  Okay, let the adventure begin.

I walk down to a little area of beach and there’s not too much to see but it is pretty, except for the man having a very loud cell phone conversation.  I realize this part of the beach is where scuba divers get into the water so I hang out for a few minutes, snap a few pictures then head on my way.  I walk onto a small pier in front of hotel.  I see something in the water and realize it’s a seal!!!  I’m so excited I miss getting a picture but sometimes the experience is enough for me and I know I’ll be back.

I walked further finally coming to the park on the beach.  It’s overcast, a bit rainy and cold but I find myself relaxing as I’m walking along the beach.  The wind and the water hitting the shore is enough to drown out most of the noise.  I walk as far as I can down the beach to escape the small crowds of people, finally settling on a nice log to just sit and watch the water.

1 Beach and Sky 1 Rocks on the beach 1 Seagull Sign

There’s also a lighthouse.  I love being a tourist.  I’m the person who wants to check out the random museums and scenic stops on road trips so I knew I wanted to see the lighthouse.  It was small but worth climbing to the top to take a look around.  This is one of the last weekends they were open so I was happy I made it before they closed up for the season.

1 Mukilteo Lighthouse 1 Inside the Lighthouse

I feel like I found a new happy place, which is a big deal for me because I’ve been struggling to find places I can escape to when I’m feeling overwhelmed with life.  In my old city I knew where to go but here I have to continue to make the effort to find these places.  I’m sure this place is crowded in the summer but in the cooler months I think it will be a perfect escape for me, someplace to take great pictures, sit, relax, stroll on the beach, and escape the real world for a little while.  I can’t wait to go back again.

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Damn the Scale!

Ugh….I haven’t let the scale bring me down this much in ages.  I actually quit weighing myself for awhile, maybe once a week or once every other week but I’d released myself from daily weigh-ins.  I feel like I’ve reached a place where I understand my body enough to recognize changes.  The one week I gained 3 lbs but I knew that before I stepped on the scale but I lost it again and have been steadily maintaining my weight, no loss, no gain.

I’ve been doing measurements and counting on how my clothes fit to guide me but yesterday morning I decided to pull out the scale. I wanted to set a new goal to help push myself to work out more often (still struggling with it but that’s another post).

It showed a number I haven’t seen in almost 2 months and I might have felt it a little bit but not 7lbs.
My clothes still fit.  The day before I was admiring how great I look in my new jeans, which were 2 sizes down from what I was a few months ago.  I was also admiring my whittled down waist line earlier this week.  I felt good.

Yesterday as I dressed for work I found my confidence wavering because of the number on the scale.

This is how psychological body image can be because I felt fine the day before, felt fine yesterday morning until I did my weigh-in then I decided to start analyzing every part of my body.  I quit thinking about how I felt, what I saw in the mirror, all I could see was the number.  I had even done measurements the day before but the almighty scale told me how what my body really looked like to the world.

It’s ridiculous.

The rational part of my mind knows I might simply be bloated and I should also recognize the reliability of that scale is questionable.  I’m frustrated with myself for even allowing it to get to me so much but I guess I still struggle to turn off the part of my brain that equates that number on the scale with how I feel when ultimately it shouldn’t matter.

And it doesn’t.  I got myself dressed for work yesterday morning, looked at myself in the mirror, and liked what I saw so I decided that number doesn’t really matter.  If my measurements aren’t changing, if my clothes are fitting, if I’m feeling confident in my own skin then….

Damn the Scale!

I’ve tucked it back away in it’s corner and will take it out again…someday, maybe 😉  or perhaps I’ll simple let it collect dust in the corner.  I’ll count on measurements and how my clothes fit to track changes in my body but mostly I’ll just focus on how I feel, which today is happy and confident.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

How to Gain Free Publicity for Your Page: Reblogging

Dream Big is having a meet and greet this weekend. Leave a link for him to reblog here or he has other posts to share your blog and another one for sharing social media. It’s a great opportunity. I love to network, meeting new people, reading new blogs, having new people read my blog, it’s fantastic. 🙂

Dream Big, Dream Often

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Hope everyone has a great Friday.

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