Stop Lying & Step it Up

We all know I’ve been struggling to find a good workout routine that works with my working schedule and I’m sad to report I still haven’t found the perfect solution.  It’s part laziness and part being busy…..actually let me honest for a minute and say it’s about 90% laziness.

I recognize it and since I owned up to my eating lies, it’s time to own up to the lies I’ve been telling myself about working out, actually I think I’ll just focus on the big one.

“I’ll work out tomorrow”

It’s easy to go to bed with the best of intentions but once the light of day hits and you go through a whole work day it’s easy to keep the excuses going until tomorrow turns into next week into next month.  Before you know it you’re working out once or twice a month and convincing yourself that it’s good enough, even as your waistline begins to expand.  

I’m forcing myself to get back to it.  I’ve already started a course of action with my eating, cleaning out my fridge, cleaning out the snack drawer at work, and starting work on my meal plans for next week.

I have somebody at work to walk with me so I’m hoping we’ll be able to work out our schedules to get in some walks this week, if not I need to hit the treadmill after work or find another way to get my steps in for the day.

I think part of my workout lies began when I allowed myself to downgrade my step goal from 10,000 per day to 7,000 per day.  Honestly I don’t even know what my rationale for that was other than I wasn’t meeting my goal so I set a lower goal ūüėē  Looking back, it doesn’t make any sense.  Rather than pushing myself more to meet my goal I decided to simply lower my expectations of myself…..not a good way to reinforce change.

I’m putting my step goal back where it needs to be and pushing myself to MOVE MORE!

More walks.  More daily workouts.  Even if it’s just walking or jogging in place in my office or while I’m watching TV.  I know where I’ve been in the past and I don’t want to go back down that road.  I don’t want to go back to the couch potato, the heavier version of myself, the severely out of shape version of myself, or the unhappy person I used to be.  I’m motivated.  I’m ready to stop lying to myself and start making changes, to continue forward on the journey I started almost one year ago.  It’s probably going to be like this tumblr_mg4nznTsdU1qbxnzho1_500but I’ll make it! ūüėÄ

Have a safe, wonderful, happy Halloween weekend!  I’m not expecting trick-or-treaters so I didn’t buy any candy, plus I don’t really want any candy in my apartment right now so I’ll be spending most of my night watching movies and pretending like I’m not home if I hear any knocks on the door……


Little White Lies

Do you ever lie to yourself? ¬†I do and if you say you don’t you might be lying right now.

I allowed myself to almost fully immerse back into my bad habits with the help of a few little white lies.

“Eating Wendy’s one day isn’t too bad. ¬†I don’t want to seem antisocial and I’ll bring a healthy lunch tomorrow.”
“Eating a few pieces of candy every single day at my desk isn’t bad, little treats are okay.”
“It’s a cream cheese based dip but it has spinach and I’m eating it with vegetables”
“It’s Halloween. ¬†Everyone is having candy.”
“It’s okay to eat tacos at the bar even though I had a huge meal at the potluck for lunch. ¬†I’ll get back on track tomorrow.”

It all boils down to rationalizing, going with the crowd, and making promises to myself that I rarely keep.  Promises of tomorrows and healthy lunches.

This morning as I put on my previously loved lucky interview pants I realized they did not fit as well as they did at that first interview. ¬†They still fit but they’re definitely a bit more snug in the waist band. ¬†I pulled out the evil scale because despite my aversion to it, sometimes it is necessary. ¬†For the last week or so it hasn’t been hiding it to stop myself from obsessing, it’s been avoiding it so I don’t have to see the truth. ¬†I stepped on and the truth was revealed…..

Grazing on food all day
+ Ignoring sugar content
+ Meals out
+ Inconsistent work outs
= 6 pounds

It’s not the end of the world and I’m not one to completely beat myself up but I do have to be honest with myself about my habits. ¬†I allowed myself to just eat whatever I wanted because it was there instead of choosing the right foods. I’m not making excuses but working in an office there really is food everywhere, almost all the time. ¬†Yesterday there was a fundraiser for a food bank and they were selling caramel apples. ¬†I knew it wasn’t a good idea but it looked so delicious and everyone else was buying one so I caved because I wanted it. ¬†It was way too sweet and I only ate about a quarter of it but I really didn’t need it at all. ¬†Potlucks, cookies, doughnuts, random snacks, plus I have my own office and desk so I can snack whenever I want, temptation is everywhere but I have to get back to resisting that temptation and making better choices.

This morning I looked in my fridge I had to accept that this embarrassing mess is part of the problem.


When I looked into this fridge yesterday I had no idea what to grab for lunch partially because it was tough to even see what was in there, so tonight that is at the top of the to-do list. ¬†From there it’s making meal plans for the week, cleaning out the snack drawer at work, and not just going with the crowd for lunch at work. ¬†If everyone else goes out to eat I can just say “Let me know when you’re back and I’ll eat with you because I brought my lunch.” ¬†It’s all about choices and for me, being honest with myself.

I’ll have another post about working out and my plan of attack for improving that aspect of my lifestyle but right now it’s really the food that I need to get back in line with so I will definitely have meal plans on Monday and hopefully a cleaner fridge….

On a happier note…..It’s finally Friday!!!!

If You’re Happy and you know it….

……… do a happy dance.

I have to say quickly I miss my blog when I’m gone. ¬†It’s just been a bit of a struggle this week to find time to sit down and write. ¬†Monday I spent most of the night putting together my Mummy dip then wrote out a quick post. ¬†Tuesday night I went out for Trivia night. ¬†Wednesday night I came out exhausted and feeling a bit sick so I curled up on the couch and went to sleep.

This morning I woke up late because of a stupid iPhone update. ¬†Thankfully James the cat demands his breakfast at a certain time so he woke me up and I’m only running a bit behind schedule. ¬†I actually chose to write instead of fixing my hair. ¬†Hooray for hair ties and headbands!

Going back to my week, you did read the sentence above correctly “Tuesday night I went out for Trivia night” ¬†Yep, the hermit breaks out of her routine to actually have some fun and hang out with new people ūüėģ

I actually left work a little late on Tuesday, then ran home to discover I was out of cat food, power walked to WalMart, ran upstairs, threw down some food for the cat, put the address in maps, and ran out the door. ¬†I knew if I sat down for even a minute I would never get up and out the door so the theme of that night was “Keep Moving!” because….

downloadI said I was going to go last week and skipped out so I knew this week I had to go. ¬†Like any new experience I was just nervous, going to a new place by myself, meeting new people, worrying that trivia night would be like this…imageI was really worried all the questions would be super hard and I wouldn’t know the answer to anything so I would be given a dunce cap and made to sit in the corner all night. ¬†Thankfully I actually knew the answers to some of the questions and contributed to the team. ¬†I guessed wrong on “What is the dot above an i called?” but was not banished from the team and will forever remember it’s called a tittle.

It was a fun night and another reminder that perhaps my destiny is not to be a hermit. ¬†Within 10 minutes of sitting down I was invited to a Halloween dinner tomorrow night and I planned on going but read on to find out why I’m skipping out on a night of spaghetti and fun. ¬†I also still find myself in awe at how long I worked at my previous job without ever really feeling like I fit in but here I feel like I’ve found my people. ¬†Further prove that I’m exactly where I’m meant to be at this point in my life.

The job has been a bit stressful lately, which makes it even more important for me to stay busy and social. ¬†I’m also feeling a little under the weather and despite hoping whatever “it” is would clear up on it’s own I’m forcing myself to go to the doctor. ¬†Over a week with no improvement so it’s time to responsible. ¬†I can’t keep feeling like this so it’s off to the doctor for answers and medication!

I also have my second interview tomorrow, which is reason for one more happy dance!  (Yes, I am obsessed with New Girl)

That’s all I got for now. ¬†This has been a weird week so hopefully I’ll be back to some kind of routine next week and I have some posts planned, including some new outfits for Working Wardrobe Wednesday and some creative options for Meal Plan Monday. I’ve also fallen behind on my reading so I’ll be playing catch up this weekend.

Hope the week is going fantastically!