The Blogging World

I tend to feel guilty about everything.  It goes along perfectly with my anxiety and desire for perfection, a little side of guilt.

I usually have about 30 minutes in the morning to sit in front of my computer, unless I hit the snooze button too many times 🙄  I typically use this time to clean up my e-mail or for blogging.  This morning I was trying to scroll through and read several days worth of blogs because I feel so guilty for missing out on all your wonderful words but I also still have a desire to create my own. I always try to reply to posts on my blog (sometimes just a like if I’m pressed for time) then I try to read and comment on new posts but I still always worry I’m missing posts.

I love this online world of blogging.  I love reading the amazing posts of other people, following your lives (not in a stalker kind of way XD), sharing in your struggles (and sending virtual hugs ❤), laughing at your stories, sometimes crying at your brave honesty in showing the world your soul, basically just enjoying a virtual circle of friends.

We’ve never met.  We live in other parts of the country, many in other parts of the world but we’ve managed to find something relateable in one another or simply enjoy reading one another’s story.  Sometimes I’m shown the world from another angle, another point of view, and I love that or I find out that someone sees things just like I do and I love that too.  The blogging world really helped pull me through some of my darker times and I can’t imagine ever giving up this part of myself.

I do consider this a part of myself, like my job is part of my identity so is my blog.  It’s pieces of me I share with the world, an outlet for me to voice what’s going on in my head whether it’s good or bad and I appreciate all the followers following along with me on this journey.

Just know even though I might not be as active or posting as often I am still writing AND reading all the time.



  1. Layla · October 3, 2015

    I feel the same as well. I may not respond that much now a days, but I still read a lot…

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  2. miusho · October 2, 2015

    I kinda feel the same way… I do prefer reading other blogs during travelling to and from work.. It calms me down a bit. 😀


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