Meal Plan Monday-Wednesday Edition

If I push this back any further in the week I’m going to have to change the name XD

I think the pity party is over even though I’m still feeling a bit blah and would like nothing better than to turn on the TV and hide under the covers but I’m a grown up so it’s off to work I go. Plus it’s Wednesday.  I know I have plans that will eat up my entire morning then lunch then a few hours of writing in the office and I’m one day closer to Friday!!

I was responsible enough to make sure I was up early enough to sit and write for a little bit.  I find if I miss out on my morning time it makes me less happy.  Technically I could sleep in more but I feel better if I give myself the time to do some stuff on the computer, drink my coffee, and try to make my brain awake enough to face work.

Onto the meal plans

I was reminded again this week that I have to eat.  I’ve taught my body that I will provide meals on a regular basis so when I try to slip back into my non-eating habits it doesn’t always go over well.  Monday I scheduled an interview that was supposed to take an hour but took two hours so lunch fell drastically behind schedule.  By the time I was done with the interview I was sooooooo hungry.  Once I ate, back to normal, so note to self:  You have to eat.

In my pity party rage last night I had a cheap frozen pizza and it was okay but it did remind me why I limit eating frozen food.  It was salty and not super tasty.  I would’ve been better to buy a premade crust and throw some fresh toppings on it but I’ll do that next time.

I haven’t completely overcome the guilt I feel when I choose to eat poorly but I recognize I made the choice.

I do what I always do when I’ve made a poor decision:  recognize what I did, recognize how I could’ve handled the situation better, and find a better option so next time I’m in the situation I might think differently.  I also know I’m just human and that wasn’t my last frozen pizza but hopefully for the next few months at least I’ll remember this time and think twice before throwing a frozen meal into my cart.

I’m off to work.  Hope the week is going well.  I feel like we’ve gone from “Winter is coming” to Winter is here.  I swear it was still light when I was getting up last week, now it’s all dark and dreary but it’s been clearing up in the afternoons so I can go for a walk.   Quick side note about walking:  I found someone at work to walk with for a couple days this week anyways so that’s exciting, trying to get my steps in 🙂

Lunch:  Salad
Dinner:  Rice and veggies

Lunch:  Soup
Dinner:  Leftover rice and veggies + chicken

Lunch:  Wrap with veggies and dip
Dinner: I didn’t make this last week so I’m going to make it this week.  Pasta with roasted red pepper sauce (Trusting I get up early Saturday to pick up ingredients)  This is a recipe from my Thug Kitchen cook book and it looks amazing!!

Dinner: Slow cooker Soup-Still deciding which one I want to do but I’ll share the recipe once I have it.  I’ve seen recipes for a chicken tortilla soup or something along those lines so that’s what I’m going for this week

Dinner:  Plus if I make that on Saturday I can enjoy leftovers on Sunday 😀



  1. Ceta G · October 15, 2015

    Good job recognizing a bad eating decision! I have wanted the Thug Kitchen cookbook for awhile! Hopefully, I will get it for Christmas. 🙂
    Keep it up. Sounds like you are doing great!

    Liked by 1 person

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