Meal Plan Monday

I had this mostly typed up yesterday morning with the intention of finishing last night but a monster headache decided to attack me so I spent most of last night lying on the couch half-asleep.  Here is my day late meal plans.

I feel like I ate everything in sight last week so this week I’m reigning myself back in and getting the eating back under control.  The grocery shopping I did last week makes me feel like I’m finally starting to get back to a place where I’m not shopping as often, where even if I don’t have a meal planned or realize I’m missing an ingredient I can still throw something together.

Before I moved I really cleaned out my cupboards and didn’t replenish anything so when I arrived here I didn’t have tons of canned goods, pasta, rice, tomato sauce, just some of the basic staples I usually keep on hand.  I’m finally starting to replenish my cupboards.  For some reason I’ve been looking at it very illogically and not realizing that spending a little extra money one week will save me from spending even more money over time.

I finally realized my here and there, ten items at a time shopping trips are adding up to way more money than I should be spending on groceries.  Part of it is the convenience of having everything right here so if I want something I can just walk to the store and grab it or pick it up on the way home without questioning if I really need it.

Last week I tried out 2 new recipes!  😮  I know, crazy, right?  I already wrote about my lovely pasta with cauliflower sauce but I also made a soup in the slow cooker.  Real quick side note.  This is my slow cooker.  FullSizeRender (41)Yes, it’s very old but it was my grandma’s and I love it!  At one point I thought about buying a new, fancier one but this one works great plus has the sentimental factor.

This week I made Chicken tortilla soup.  Mine was kind of spicy but you could definitely spice it up more by buying different versions of the green chiles and the enchilada sauce.  I added a dollop of sour cream, a sprinkle of cheese, and even made tortilla chips in the oven.  Flour tortillas, olive oil, sprinkle of salt, baked for 5 minutes, voila!  Chips!  It was the perfect meal for a chilly fall day and very, very filling.

FullSizeRender (42)I put some of the soup in the freezer because otherwise my meal plan would just say chicken tortilla soup for every meal.  I put some of the lentil soup in the freezer as well and it’s nice to know I have those on hand.  It’s another part in continuing to replenish my cupboards.

I’m off to work.  Hope everyone made it through Monday and has a wonderful Tuesday! 😀


Lunch:  Soup
Dinner: Leftover pasta with a salad

Lunch:  Wrap with spinach, cream cheese, chicken lunch meat, and side of veggies w/dressing
Dinner:  Chicken tortilla soup

Lunch:  Repeat of Tuesday’s lunch
Dinner:  Pasta with chicken and veggies

Lunch:  Leftovers
Dinner:  Best Friend’s Bday Dinner 🙂

Lunch:  Chicken Tortilla Soup
Dinner:  Homemade Pizza

Dinner: Might be eating out but if not, Chicken and veggies with rice

Dinner:  New Recipe TBD…I might try to find something with Miso paste so I can start using the tub sitting in my fridge.


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