Stop Lying & Step it Up

We all know I’ve been struggling to find a good workout routine that works with my working schedule and I’m sad to report I still haven’t found the perfect solution.  It’s part laziness and part being busy…..actually let me honest for a minute and say it’s about 90% laziness.

I recognize it and since I owned up to my eating lies, it’s time to own up to the lies I’ve been telling myself about working out, actually I think I’ll just focus on the big one.

“I’ll work out tomorrow”

It’s easy to go to bed with the best of intentions but once the light of day hits and you go through a whole work day it’s easy to keep the excuses going until tomorrow turns into next week into next month.  Before you know it you’re working out once or twice a month and convincing yourself that it’s good enough, even as your waistline begins to expand.  

I’m forcing myself to get back to it.  I’ve already started a course of action with my eating, cleaning out my fridge, cleaning out the snack drawer at work, and starting work on my meal plans for next week.

I have somebody at work to walk with me so I’m hoping we’ll be able to work out our schedules to get in some walks this week, if not I need to hit the treadmill after work or find another way to get my steps in for the day.

I think part of my workout lies began when I allowed myself to downgrade my step goal from 10,000 per day to 7,000 per day.  Honestly I don’t even know what my rationale for that was other than I wasn’t meeting my goal so I set a lower goal 😕  Looking back, it doesn’t make any sense.  Rather than pushing myself more to meet my goal I decided to simply lower my expectations of myself…..not a good way to reinforce change.

I’m putting my step goal back where it needs to be and pushing myself to MOVE MORE!

More walks.  More daily workouts.  Even if it’s just walking or jogging in place in my office or while I’m watching TV.  I know where I’ve been in the past and I don’t want to go back down that road.  I don’t want to go back to the couch potato, the heavier version of myself, the severely out of shape version of myself, or the unhappy person I used to be.  I’m motivated.  I’m ready to stop lying to myself and start making changes, to continue forward on the journey I started almost one year ago.  It’s probably going to be like this tumblr_mg4nznTsdU1qbxnzho1_500but I’ll make it! 😀

Have a safe, wonderful, happy Halloween weekend!  I’m not expecting trick-or-treaters so I didn’t buy any candy, plus I don’t really want any candy in my apartment right now so I’ll be spending most of my night watching movies and pretending like I’m not home if I hear any knocks on the door……


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