Going through the archives for my blogiversary post reminded me of some of my goals.  It reminded me of what I’ve already achieved and what I want to continue achieving.

I have the job.  I’m learning the job.  I’m moved into a new place.  I’m learning the city.  Now, as I’ve been saying for the past few months, I really need to refocus my energies on my health.  I need to not just write about it but actually do it.

Tonight I’m doing strength training and floor work at home but tomorrow I’m going to the fitness center.  I’m committing myself to at least 3 days a week in there, plus workouts at home and working on getting in more steps during the day.  There’s a bathroom by the fitness center so I’m going to bring work out clothes and change there because unfortunately once I get into my apartment it’s so much easier to talk myself out of leaving again.

My eating hasn’t been terrible but could use a bit of fine tuning.  I’ve been eating fruits and veggies for snacks so I just need to keep that up plus eat less cookies and candy for snacks.  Biggest thing is resisting all the temptations at work but I think that’ll be easier since I’m not in the office as often.  I’ll be on my own more so that will help me resist the peer pressure of going out to eat.

I’ll have a meal plan up tonight but wanted to write a quick post.  I woke up this morning after only 3 days of not writing and realized I really missed my blog 😀  Thanksgiving holiday was wonderful!  I’ll have more about that later as well, hope everyone else had an excellent weekend!

Happy Monday!



Happy Thanksgiving! 

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!! I’m taking a break for a few days after the long road trip home to enjoy time with the family 🙂  Starting with a glass of wine after a 7 hour drive then enjoying some delicious food! 

Cheers! Happy Thanksgiving! 😃


My 1 Year Blogging Anniversary

Today is my one year blogging anniversary!  FullSizeRender (49)

One year ago today I wrote Closing the Store.  The store had been closed for one week and for the first time in my adult life I was unemployed.  As I continued to write I started getting comments and followers.  I planned to write once a week, no more than 300 words then I decided to stop restricting myself and just write whatever I wanted to write whenever I felt like writing.

This blog was my outlet and finding a network of people who related to me or simply supported what I was writing about was amazing.  In one of the most difficult times in my life this little blogging world helped keep me positive and motivated on the days when I wanted to give up.

I’m not writing the grand post I’d planned for my one year.  I’ll simply share links to a few of my favorite posts and wish everyone a lovely Sunday!

No More Pizza?  Reading through this one today was a good reminder to get back to the three basics I list in the post.

Be Happy…  I still keep these things in mind and can’t believe I used to hate shopping.

You’ve Got Mail!  Reminded me I need to write some letters this week.

Here’s a few posts about the biggest change in my life, my attitude.  As I learned to focus on the positive instead of the negative I finally learned you don’t have to have a perfect life to be happy.  Happiness is about attitude, positive thinking, and finding the joy in the simple things in life.

Focus on the Positive , Changing My Body and My Mindset,  Helping Others on Their Journey 

I found the featured image a few weeks ago while looking for pics for something else and I’ve been waiting for the right post to use it. 😀