Meal Plan Monday

I did okay with my meal plan last week even with eating out twice for dinner and once for lunch…..

It’s going to be interesting with the new job because I’m going to have different hours.  I think the earlier mornings are going to force me to eat breakfast so you might be seeing some breakfast foods popping up on here but I’m going to keep it simple.  Probably lots of grab and go kind of foods but still keeping it healthy.

I think this new position is going to be good for both eating and working out.  I’ll be on the go more often and I won’t be sitting around in an office quite as often so it’s a win-win plus I get off work an hour earlier so it’s a win-win-win 😀

I realized this week I need to start trying new foods again because I’m getting bored with my go-to foods, which makes it tempting to slip back into old habits.  I think for snacks I’m going to bring yogurt, string cheese, and almonds back into the rotation.  For regular meals I’m going to start experimenting again and re-commit to trying at least one new food every week, even if it’s something simple like a fruit or vegetable I’ve never bought before.

Kind of a quick post for tonight…I’m super exhausted for some reason and ready to enjoy my moderately unhealthy meal, indulge in my new TV obsession iZombie, and turn in early tonight.  Tomorrow I need to face all the things at work I avoided dealing with today so sleep is needed.  Hope Monday treated you kindly! 😉

Lunch:  Pretzels with peanut butter….I didn’t plan well today
Dinner: Grilled cheese and tater tots….I’m indulging my hormones tonight….

Lunch:  Chicken and veggies
Dinner:  Spaghetti with tofu

Side note about Wednesday:  It’s Veterans Day so I have the day off and I was chosen to be part of the Championship Trivia Team.  I’m excited and nervous because it’s a big deal, there’s a $1000 prize for the team that wins 😮  I guess Tuesday night I’ll be brushing up on my random trivia.
Lunch: Probably leftovers
Dinner:  Going Out

Lunch:  Chicken and veggies
Dinner:  Veggies and rice

Lunch: Wrap with spinach, cream cheese, chicken lunch meat, and side of veggies w/dressing
Dinner:  Turkey burger and sweet potato fries

Dinner: Sweet potato and bacon pizza (It’s beyond time to try this out again)

Dinner:  New recipe


  1. Ompong · November 12, 2015

    I wonder what your New Recipe on Sunday is… 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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