The Windy Day

Tuesday night we had a huge windstorm hit pretty much the entire Pacific Northwest.  I wouldn’t have been surprised to see a witch flying by on a broom…..Power went out for hundreds of thousands of people all across the area.  When I got home on Tuesday night with no power I really felt like sharing what was going on but was also trying to conserve battery power on my phone so I wrote out my feelings the old fashioned way, pen and paper.

FullSizeRender (48)

This is that post:

I’m writing by candlelight.  If it weren’t for the sirens and creepy noises in the hallway this would almost seem romantic.  

It’s like windmegedon here.  I was so thankful just to make it home.  Power went off about 10 minutes before 5:00.  One intersection still had power but the next did not luckily when I went through everyone was playing by the rules of the 4 way stop.  

Once home realized I didn’t know how to get into my garage, thankfully google helps.  Charged my phone for a bit in the car so it’s over 50% but I’m conserving power because I don’t know when the power is coming back.  

James the cat attacked the air mattress again (I’m sure it provoked him) so it’s slowly deflating but I can’t find the leak in the dark or inflate it even if I found the leak so I’m happy to have a couch….and candles, although they’re all scented so it smells like Bath and Body Works exploded in here.  

Tonight is usually trivia night but there’s no power at the bar plus I’d already make up my mind I wasn’t going to drive 30+ minutes in a wind storm to play trivia, just not that crazy.  

Thankfully the noodle tofu thing I made the previous night wasn’t too bad cold.  

Here I just began randomly writing things I was thankful for:

Thankfully I have lots of candles, lots of blankets, got the car in the garage, I have a couch, I have pretzels, running water, nowhere I have to be tonight.  

My power was out for over 24 hours.  I was happy/scared when I pulled into my apartment complex last night because half was lit and half was not so I had to keep my fingers crossed that I was in the half with the light.  I was so relieved to pull up and see lights in the hallways of my building.  

There’s still several buildings in my complex without power and it’s now Friday so despite the craziness of this week I’m extremely grateful for lights and heat.  I should have a couple posts out this weekend but I have so much stuff to get done….but I’m going to worry tomorrow.  Tonight it’s wine, snacks, and movies.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!


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