The Weekend

This was another short week for me. I’m still new at my job so I don’t have vacation time yet but I did have a personal holiday so I used it Friday to fly home to go to “A Christmas Story” the musical tonight. 

I felt so busy this week because every night after work was spent running around doing errands for a couple hours.  I’m having fun staying busy but also looking forward to some down time. Also looking forward to attempting to get back into some kind of routine during the week because the last couple weeks have been so chaotic! 

I’ve been feeling stressed about everything this week, money, the job, the holidays, but I’m trying my best to handle one thing at a time and I’ll have upcoming posts about each of my stressors. This week I was just trying too hard to do everything and then got mad at myself when I didn’t accomplish everything. 

Thankfully the things that actually needed done this week were done and the rest can be done next week so for now I’m done stressing out. 

I planned on getting lost yesterday driving to the airport (because I tend to do that all the time) but luckily I didn’t so I arrived for my flight super early. It was a good news/bad news situation because it left me with about 2.5 hours to kill but I found the airport to be strangely relaxing. They have rocking chairs you can sit in by the giant windows and it was really nice.  

   I sat watching the planes fly out and ate a sandwich. I also enjoyed a Holiday Spice Flat White which is my new favorite coffee.  
 Starbucks even added a Christmas tree to my cup so I couldn’t complain about the lack of Christmas on the cup 😛 

I might try to sleep a bit more this morning then enjoy a lazy day before the show tonight! I had to miss a few shows so this is my first show of the season and I’m so excited!! 

Hope everyone has an amazingly enjoyable weekend! 😀 


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