Santa’s Photographer

Written December 9th, 2015

Can you tell I love the movie Elf?  It’s strange because I didn’t immediately fall in love with it for some reason.  It took a few viewings but it’s now climbed the ranks of my favorite Christmas movies.

As you guys know I struggle with finding the balance between social butterfly and total hermit.   Last night was a holiday get-together we do for clients and their families.  We do one in the winter and one in the summer so this was the first one I’ve attended.  It’s weeks of preparations for a 3 hour event with tons of food, presents, and cookies….Did I mention the cookie room?  That’s right…cookie room 😀  I should have taken a picture

I volunteered to take the Santa pictures because I like to take pictures and the camera they were going to use is….not so good.  I also opened my mouth about helping to pick out a printer to use for the event and for future events….This is where my anxiety really set in.

I like to be in control of everything but don’t always to have full responsibility.  I know it’s just my way of keeping myself out of trouble if something goes wrong but I realize it also shows the doubt I have in my own abilities.  I know it’s not a good thing and I’m working on it.

I picked out a printer and got it going without incident.  It’s easy to use so everyone will be able to use it for future events plus the photo quality is excellent.

In the morning before the event I was thinking, “Why did I volunteer to do this?  I don’t take people pictures.”  Again, more doubt seeping into my mind.

Thankfully the event was a success and the Santa pictures came out great!  The population we work with doesn’t always have the opportunity or money for a family photo so to be able to take their pictures, and print them right away was really nice.

Presents can also be a challenge when money is tight.  All the children that attend received a handmade quilt, a scarf and hat, plus one other present.  It’s also an opportunity for everyone to get a hot, homemade meal.

On a slightly selfish note it’s also good, especially as a new employee, to participate in these types of events.  I was introduced to people from different offices, and had the opportunity to once again meet my boss’s boss’s boss’s boss.  I even took her picture with Santa and that picture should be featured on the company website.

This event is another reason why I love my new job.  I missed out on the opportunity to give back as often as I would have liked at my old job.  I loved participating in this event and look forward to continuing to participate in the future.

I’m skipping Meal Plan Monday this week but I’ll be posting some other topics and I’ll be back with my meal plans next week 🙂





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