Surviving Christmas

I was worried about my Christmas weekend on the west side of the mountains.  I had a couple cries about not being home for Christmas but kept reminding myself I was still going to be with family.  It’s just family I haven’t spent as much time with over the last 10+ years so I tend to feel like an outsider.

I know some part of it is my self-doubt.  I have a constant fear of being not interesting enough or of saying something embarrassing.  Even though they’re family because I haven’t spent as much time with them I worry about letting my guard down completely; however, I had fun this weekend.

The clothes I wore were fine.  I went with leggings and an oversized sweater, comfy but looks dressy.  I should’ve taken another pic before I left because I ditched the scarf, put my hair back, and put on some sparkly earrings.

1 Sweater

The food I brought was eaten.  I made green beans with garlic and lemon.  It’s going to sound silly but it looked like a legitimate grown up dish.  I was really proud of myself for actually cooking something instead of just buying something. 1 Green Beans

The present was fine.  It wasn’t the best, wasn’t the worst.  I ended up with this awesome ceramic Starbucks mug in the gift exchange.  IMG_0927.JPGI love it but it’s a little heavy for toting back and forth to work.  The lid is also ceramic and doesn’t close very well so it’s more decorative than functional but I love it and I’ll use it at home.

When I was at my Aunt’s house on Christmas Eve I mentioned not having a tree so she gave me a little tree she wasn’t using.  I loved having my little Charlie Brown Christmas tree.  The smallest things can help improve the festive spirit.  I was feeling a bit down when I came home that night and was alone but setting up the tree with the presents really helped.

Tomorrow I’ll be meeting my cousins to watch the football game at a local bar. I’m a bit nervous but also looking forward to it.  Before it was more challenging because I was on the other side of the mountains and didn’t get over here as often but now I can hopefully start building better relationships with this side of the family.

It fits into one of my goals of being more social but I’ll be going into that in another post 😉

It’s always funny getting older when your exciting presents are sheets and a handheld blender (can’t wait to use it!!!).  Last night I was so excited for my soft flannel sheets I put them on the bed, turned down the bed, and went to brush my teeth.  I came back to this… 🐱


It wasn’t easy but I finally got him moved so we could both get some sleep last night.

I was flipping through channels and started watching season one of Game of Thrones then couldn’t stop.  It’s not very Christmasy, although it is about winter coming XD

I decided to end with a meme andthis wasted at least half an hour.  If you’re a fan, google “Game of Thrones meme”  This was my favorite tonight.

ef2205c9ecccef6fb26e57fef98accb3Okay and a second favorite…64af61a123ca4f9547a8e3bb3a8db8f6Now I’m really done. Have a good night!  And Merry Christmas!!


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