Ready to Party!!

I planned on writing more this week but it felt like the week just flew by and before I knew it the weekend descended upon us.  Yay for the weekend!  Last night I was pretty boring, curled up in a blanket watching a cheesy romantic sports comedy, “Chalet Girl”.  It was really cute and might become one of those “go-to” movies for me.  The kind of movie you watch when you don’t feel good or when you can’t decide what to watch so you pick something you’ve seen that you know you love….

Tonight I’m giving Netflix and Hulu a break.


I don’t know if an overnight trip to see a musical with your mom counts as a party but we are seeing “Book of Mormon” and staying in the city so who knows? Might get crazy 😀

Okay, so I probably don’t want a late night of partying because part of the conditions of my ride to and from the airport involves me going on a hike tomorrow morning when I’m picked up.  It will be fun and it’s only an hour flight, now if it was a longer flight I would be more hesitant but it’s not so I get the opportunity for an outdoor excursion this weekend.

I’m trying to do more on the weekends.  It’s too easy to get caught up in the excuses of “I’m too tired to do anything on the weekends” and “I’m working all week” so I begin to wonder when it’s time to have fun.

I’m thinking the time is now!  I’m off on my adventure 🙂  I should have pics from my trip and the hike up next week.  Plus a Meal Plan Monday post on Monday….hopefully.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!!!


That will be me at work today, yes, with the pigtails and the drawing of a monster 😛

The downside to trivia night is I don’t get to bed until after 10:30 so it makes me a bit groggy the next day.  That’s right, after 10:00 is late for me but when you wake up at 5:00AM I don’t think trying to get to bed by 10:00 is unreasonable.  I know my body and know I need my 7+ hours of sleep.  I function on 5-6 but I’m a bit of a zombie….thankfully there’s coffee!!!


Happy Wednesday!!!

P.S. Our team came in 5th last night.  Tough questions but we’ll do better next week 🙂

Excuses for being a Hermit

That image is so me, except my hair is more red than blonde.

I’m doing everything in my power to fight my lazy/hermit tendencies.  Tuesday is trivia night but so often I try to talk myself out of going even though I know it’s fun once I’m there and if I get too tired I can always leave early.  It happens and no one is offended.

I came home, kicked off my shoes, and began to weigh the pros and cons of going out tonight.  I’m now going through my excuses for staying home tonight…..

One of my excuses is “I’m going to be busy all weekend” I use this one often especially if I’m going out of town because I have to plan and pack for the one night I will be gone plus it’s not like I’m going to have Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday to get ready…..

Excuse number two, “I’m tired”  I’m always tired.  Next.

Excuse number three, “There’s always traffic getting out there”  I live in the city now, there’s almost always traffic to get anywhere, especially after 5:00 and it’s really not that bad.  Fifteen minutes of annoying people all trying to merge or unmerge from a popular exit then the rest is pretty much smooth sailing.

Did I already mention how tired I am?

I actually think those are all my excuses and I think they’re pretty weak so I’m throwing my shoes back on.  This is the one night of the week I actually go out and it’s good for me.  This is part of the reason I moved to a bigger city so I’d have more chances to meet people and do things plus I always have fun once I get there.

I’ve decided I’m half introvert/half social butterfly because I really do want both.  I want to do fun things and be around people but I also want my alone time.  Right now it’s just finding the balance between them so I can be happy.

I’m going to put on my smarty pants and my thinking cap to go help my team claim the number one spot this week!