On Thursday…

Written Thursday night after work and never posted so I figured I would post it today 🙂

My plan this morning to make rice and veggies with soy sauce sounded less than appealing this evening on the way home.  I was tempted….

The thought of coming home and having to cook even something as simple as rice and veggies sounded like too much plus I didn’t want rice and veggies I wanted….something else, something easy, something probably not good for me.

As I drove past Arbys, Applebees, Panera, and an assortment of other restaurants I reminded myself of a simple fact:

You can’t afford to eat out!!!  

I had to yell at myself.  If I turned down $4 lunch today in favor of bringing my own lunch I couldn’t turn around and spend $10 on dinner.  That would make no sense.  Plus I knew I wanted to save my money for my weekend plans.

I overcame my moment of weakness and drove straight home.  Once home I remembered I took a container of lentil soup out of the freezer so I could have that for dinner.  Easy, healthy, and free!



  1. Layla · January 10, 2016

    Good for you!!


  2. koolaidmoms · January 10, 2016

    Good for you in not giving into the temptation! It is so tempting to go the easy route when we are tired and hungry. Good for you!


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